Captain America: The Winter Soldier vs. Batman Begins



Batman Begins is the best superhero film ever made in my opinion.

Well, I would consider Winter Soldier to be in top 5 of best superhero movies of all time. Non of Batman trilogy would make it that list


Cap takes this one.

Both excellent in their own ways. Why can't comic book movie fans get along? Cause they're mostly idiots, is why. But you know, I gotta pick a side, so I'll go with Batman Begins.

Winter Soldier is good and it was a pleasant surprise since Disney usually puts out lackluster comic book movies (with the exception of the original Iron Man and Captain America movies and The Avengers) but it comes absolutely no where near Batman Begins. It still stands as one of the greatest comic book movies of all time.

Batman Begins

Sorry Nolan

WS is one of the best superhero movies ever made. BB is not even in my top 10

Winter soldier destroys batman begins .

Not sure

I literally can't think of a single thing that would make Batman Begins better than it is, it is LITERALLY the perfect origin film for ANY character/person.

Winter Soldier is pure far greatness and as Batman Begins is mostly boring very dull.


begins destroys winter pop corn flick soldier. BETTER RATINGS AND BETTER DIRECTOR.

Marvel destroys anything Batman Begins.

The Bat takes this on

Nolan destroys anything Marvel.

Winter Soldier elevated the genre. Clearly Cap delivered the best trilogy of all time.

Nolan's Bat Trilogy is overrated. Captain America's trilogy for the win.

my opinion is the same as squaremaster's

Captain America: The Winter Soldier destroys TDK. What chance does the flawed first film stand?

Batman Begins easily. The Winter Soldier is great, but Batman Begins still has better acting, a better plot, and a Leagues better villain.

Batman Begins easily. The Winter Soldier is great, but Batman Begins still has better acting, a better plot, and a Leagues better villain.

TWS by a hair. Both are some of my favorite CBMs.

This one is actually close, if it was back in 2015 or something around that time I would definitely pick Winter Soldier, but Batman Begins wins

Both are really great films. While Winter Soldier is mabye the strongest film in the MCU, I still think Batman Begins wins by a hair

batman movies are better, winter soldier is nearly not as amazing as the nominal civil war

batman begins is good but not the winter soldier level. sorry batman i jus like captain america more

Wow, every Captain America movie beats every Batman entry straight up.

Love Winter Soldier, actually my favorite MCU movie. But c'mon it's Nolan. No shame in losing to him.

Winter Soldier was good, but it isn't without some flaws that keep it from reaching the same level as Begins, namely: a weak primary villain, very little character development in general, and a lack of gravitas. Beyond all that, the acting and writing aren't as good as Begins either

Both are amazing but I think Batman Begins is the winner here

After rewatching a bit I might actually prefer The Winter Soldier by a slight bit