Captain America: The Winter Soldier vs. The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies



Captain America: The Winter Soldier, my 800th film for my 15000th ranking on Flickchart, takes this one with little difficulty. Excellent action sequences, one of the most conceivably threatening villains, relatively speaking, in the Marvel universe if not the most interesting/entertaining, well written and acted by all involved. Five Armies was little more than a tolerable, eye-candy finish to an underwhelming Hobbit trilogy.

I'm not as big a fan of The Winter Soldier as most, but it slaughters here.

Winter Soldier was way better than any of the Hobbit films.

Winter Soldier all the way.

Hobbit 3 was just so forced. Cap easily.

Agreed. Five Armies was bloated and a bit forced. Cap wins. easily....

The Battle of the Five Armies is my most hated film of all time due to how much I love Tolkien. So.. obviously... Winter Soldier earns my vote.