The Big Short vs. The Wolf of Wall Street



Two movies that focus on both spectrums of stock and finance. The greedy assholes of Wall Street and the finance execs that exposed them for who they are. Both films have strong technical merits, but ultimately The Wolf of Wall Street is a better movie. I love the ensemble work in both films, but Martin Scorsese makes a more entertaining, straight-forward movie.

The Big Short.

The Big Short and it is not very close.


This is a TOUGH one... "The Wolf of Wall Street" is a big spectacle of debauchery while "The Big Short" is the most important film of 2015 for using wit and celebrity cameos to explain what happened to cause the Housing Crash in a way that mainstream audiences can understand (and a condemnation of the type of people in TWoWS).

The Big Short started off pretty good, but lost its way as it went along. Despite being nearly an hour shorter than The Wolf of Wall Street, it's the one out of these two that feels too long.

I loved The Big Short. It was witty, clever, funny and probably the scariest film from 2015 that I've seen. I thought it was very well paced personally. Still, The Wolf of Wall Street invites us to witness the excess lifestyle of the people who caused the crash to happen, and it was glorious. It's relentless and insanely entertaining as only Scorsese can make it, and despite being three hours long, it is really re-watchable in my opinion. I'd say that The Wolf of Wall Street is definitely the better film overall, however I do really appreciate and like both.

The Big Short was well done. (I watched it today, less than a week after seeing The Fighter, and man, Christian Bale is just a force of nature.) But yes, Wolf really grabbed my attention. I don't know how much I would rewatch either of these - Wolf makes me feel a bit dirty, even as I have to choose it here - but these are very interesting flip sides of the same coin.