Twilight vs. The Lost Boys



Twilight should take notes.

No. Twilight should do no more writing of any kind.

Lost boys easily. Also, Joss Whedon owes Schumacher royalties.

To me, they're roughly equivalent in both being good and bad, but in different ways. The Lost Boys manages to gather this large ensemble of actors, and then ends it all with the vampire equivalent of a shoot 'em up. The first Twilight film has the most promise, it could have been Wings of Desire with vampires, or something else entirely different and better, but each successive film descends into more ridiculousness, The Lost Boys takes the edge due to the nostalgia factor for me. Give Twilight another 20 years, we'll see how well they match up then.

Twilight is crap compared to the Lost Boys.


Lost Boys was Shakespeare in comparison.

Twilight is straight-up boring. Next.