The Birds vs. Batman Begins



Birds vs. Bats! It´s closer than i thought it would be but i am going with Hitchcock.

Maybe Tippi Hedren went on to become Birdwoman after this? Batman Begins I like, a solid, dark retelling of the Batman origin story. But the Birds is Hitchcock at his most unearthly. I've always entertained the notion that the birds were a manifestation of the mother's fears about losing her son, but it doesn't matter. The birds just are. Batman Begins has nothing as creepy as the crows on the climbing frame. Nolan is not the new Hitchcock, The Birds wins

Hmmm, I'll go Batman Begins

Hmm... I'm going with The Birds. While The Birds is fairly average by Hitchcock standards, Batman Begins is my least favorite from Nolan.

The Birds is a solid Hitchcock shocker, but Batman Begins is on a completely different level. Definitely a game changer, in my opinion.

I'll side with Batman Begins, which seems to be doing a lot more than most people give it credit for.

Batman Begins. Personally, of all of Hitchcock infamous films, I find that the Birds holds up the worst.

Gotta push this in the right direction or the compass just might start spinning.