Planet of the Apes vs. Planet of the Apes



Is a comment really necessary here?

Comment for comments sake.

I hate the NY Yankees.


I guess Estella Warren can match Linda Harrison's hotness but other than that the remake has got absolutely nothing on the original.

Hell, I hate Tim Burton's version of Planet of the Apes almost as much as I hate the New York Yankees.

Tim Burton's version had some good things going for it, but was still lacking something. The original cannot be topped.

The remake sucks. It took the original and sucked all charm, social commentary, personality and style out of it. Burton knows how to make a stylistic film, but this has to be the blandest entry in his filmography. The only reason to remember the remake is for its great make-up and character designs and nothing else. The original isn't quite a masterpiece, but it is really damn good nonetheless.

I'll actually be the odd one out and say the I much preferred the remake over the original. Yes the original had more social commentary but it wore it on on the sleeve so much that it wasn't subtle at all. The remake knew what to tone down (the politics) and knew what to turn up (The action). The ending of the remake did suck though, I'll grant you that.

I didn't LOVE the original...but this is just an easy choice here...

Aw.. Alphahawk ruined the unanimousity. :-)

Neither beat Dawn. As for these two, yes the original wins.

1968 beat Dawn with ease.

The 2001 remake is one of the worst, most disrespectful remakes ever made. The original is unique, well acted and an important piece of filmmaking! 1968>Rise>Beneath>A Pile Of Rubbish>Dawn>Even More Rubbish>Escape>2001>The Worst Of All Time Terrority>Battle>Conquest


Tim Burton remake makes you appreciate the original even more.

2001 was the worst Ape movie after Battle