Planet of the Apes vs. The Terminator



I´ll have to go with Planet of the Apes here, sorry Arnold.

Hmm, Chuck vs Arnie? Tough one this! But you can't beat that last scene of POTA...

Damn dirty apes, ftw.

Now the thing I don't get is that somehow you have to get from Skynet's self-awareness and the attempted extermination of the human race via various stages of evolution to a race of intelligent apes with a religious disinclination towards technology inherited as a race memory. Where's the missing link? I cannot understand how anyone can rate Planet of the Apes over The Terminator. Arnie all the way.


I'm not quite sure why I have never warmed to The Terminator. The best reason I can come up with is that I saw the big-budget Terminator 2: Judgment Day first (as a kid) and, due to that, I feel that the low-budget original is cheap-looking and unsatisfactory. Whatever the reason, The Terminator is not a favorite of mine. Planet of the Apes, however, is probably one of my 10 favorite science fiction films of all time. Easy choice.

Planet of the Apes any day of the week. Like Caesar, I never liked The Terminator.

Terminator. To me...all Apes films, excluding "Rise," were ultimately forgettable...

Planet of the Apes has aged much better than The Terminator. That '80s pop influence in the soundtrack still makes me cringe.

Really tough.

Wow. Tough one.

Terminator is a classic. A stone cold classic. Planet of the Apes is just a message movie masquarading as sci-fi.

Planet of the Apes, but I do really like The Terminator.

Terminator but it can change by the mood im in or which I watch cause both are brilliant!

Both great, but it's The Terminator for me.

What I've liked the most about PotA was its substance. 90% of the movies in my top 10 (except for It's a Wonderful Life, because it instantly find place there) started somewhere at 30-50s. It'll probably grow with me with some time, but for now I'm taking The Terminator. Just for now.