Planet of the Apes vs. Return of the Jedi



Both are all time greats and are part of on going sagas im guessing that apes prequel sequel will be better than Jedis sequel but will see-I have to take Jedi cause it had so many awesome moments like Slave Leia and the green saber plus Jabba was cool.

I'll take the apes.

I'm taking Apes too.

Jedi wins this one, but not by a lot. I'd take both modern Apes movies (Rise and Dawn) over it, and possibly Escape, which was always my favorite of the originals, but as much as I love the one that started it all, Jedi is too much a part of my childhood to lose here.

1968 PotA > Rise > Conquest >> Escape = Jedi > Dawn (overrated as fuck) > Battle > Beneath >>>>> 2001 PotA. So, yeah, not close for me. I like Jedi, but I'm not drinking the Jedi Kool-aid in the sense that it's on the same level as the first two films, or for that matter even close being such. Put off your nostalgia goggles, peeps, it really ain't that great.

in the sense that I think it's on the same level*

I disagree, Jedi is every bit as good as the first two, in fact I like it even better than the first two. The original Planet of the Apes is a classic, but Jedi easily wins in my book.

I don't have nostalgia goggles. They don't go with my Ewoks pajamas.

It's gotta be Jedi. Gotta.

Planet of the Ewoks was a better movie.

I enjoyed Apes but it's not really a film I'd watch over and over. Jedi is far from perfect but it has some really great moments in it.