Die Hard vs. Lethal Weapon



Lethal Weapon vs. Die Hard makes for a hard chose but I have to go with Lethal Weapon because the good guy is thought of as a nut instead of the bad guy as the nut.

Love this one.

The godfathers of 90s action movies. Bruce Willis is my Favorite actor, and I have a stigma about Mel Gibson that is unreasonable and I have no idead where it came from. That aside I think that Die Hard has a better story, better action and a higher badass factor. So, my rational, and irrational minds agree that ie Hard is the superior film.

the two best action movies ever i like them both but I'm going to have to go with Die Hard

good matchup. I go with Die Hard

I love Lethal Weapon, but yeah, it's really no contest. (That said, I haven't seen Lethal Weapon in a few years; must rectify that....)

What a great match-up. Two of the greatest action movies of all time... that both spawned a bunch of less than sequels... aaand surprising even myself, I gotta go with lethal weapon.

I bought the Lethal Weapon set thinking I'd like it as much as Die Hard. Not even close. Not saying Lethal Weapon is bad. It's just Die Hard is sooo fun.

Oh man... THE two classics of the action field. How to choose?? I'll let my list decide because I honestly don't remember where they fall on my list. I love them both.

Now I know what a TV dinner feels like...

Lethal Weapon i entertaining, but Die Hard is great.

Lethal Weapon is a good, enjoyable action film whereas Die Hard is funny, suspenseful, entertaining and has one of the greatest hero v villain match-ups of all time. Die Hard wins!


Die hard is probably my favorite film of all time (not 100% sure on that though) and lethal weapon is one of my all time favorite action movies. But easy choice

Come out to the coast...we'll get together....have a few laughs....

If this were Lethal Weapon 2 vs. Die Hard, Die Hard would lose. It's still moderately close, though. But Die Hard is the only one I liked between these two, so it gets the win, despite neither being worthy of their lofty status, in my humble opinion.

Two of the greatest action movies of all time hard but i have to go with Die Hard

I like both these movies a lot. I think Die Hard just about takes it.

Lethal Weapon, but it's close.

Lethal Weapon is fun, but and a BIG but, Die Hard is just a breath of life to the action genre. You watch all the action movies today, and then this and this is so much more original,well written,well acted and exhilarating. Die Hard wins.

Both of them are LEGENDARY Christmas action flicks and although I love both, ultimately Die Hard gets the edge for having a better villain.

I agree with Kersey475.

Die Hard wins this Christmas matchup with ease.

die hard all the way

Lethal Weapon is the better series but Die Hard the better first film.

Die Hard easily

Lethal Weapon is great, but Die Hard took the action genre to a whole other level.

Lethal Weapon (2) vs Die Hard (4) my list speaks for itself.

I'm switching to Die Hard after repeat viewings.

Is this even a contest? Die Hard all the way

Oh wow... I don’t know. That’s insane!