Die Hard vs. First Blood



Two pivotal action films from the 80's, both with a mixed bag of three sequels. Tough call, but First Blood gripped me far more, even though Alan Rickman was a far greater antagonist.

i love rambo but die hard is the clear winner

i love RAMBO but every one knows DIE HARD is better

John Rambo>John Mcclane

This one is all about Die Hard.

Testosterone levels are rising.

I don't think Die Hard is quite on the same level as other iconic '80s actioners (Aliens, Raiders, Predator, First Blood etc..) but it's still a great flick.

McClane over Rambo. Easy...

Two fantastic action movies but die hard win this easily

First Blood wins. Stallone's best film beside Rocky.

PiccoloKing you forgot Terminator and Lethal Weapon.....I forgive you though. And let's be honest, Die Hard did more for action than John Rambo ever did. (Shots Fired)

Die Hard. But I liked Rambo.

Die Hard is on another level