Die Hard vs. The Goonies



Oh come on... The Goonies vs. Die Hard? Someone upstairs must really hate me.

sometimes you just gotta close your eyes and pick one :)

Yeah, as awesome as The Goonies is - Die Hard is absolutely one of the best action movies ever made - I anticipate it being at the top of my "Action" list for sure.

the Goonies was good when I was the age of the kids in the movie, but I really wish I hadn't watched it as an adult because it ruined fond memories, on the other hand, die hard has held up.

No choice but to go with the masses on this one. MAN, poor Goonies. I hate ranking against that movie. When One-Eyed WIlly is all you got to worry about, the Goonies are ace. But as soon as the bodies start hitting the pavement in Nakatomi Plaza and Hans Gruber's on the scene, leave the kids at home and call McClane.

well said...

Hmmmm..... One has amazingly goofy and unrealistic action sequences and the other is THE GOONIES.


This is not fair. I guess i'll say Die Hard

Die Hard easily.

Die Hard, absolutely. It's still awesome to this day.

Die Hard gets better the more you watch it. I can't say the same for The Goonies.

Argyle is better than the whole movie Goonies.

"...and the quarterback IS toast!" In this case the "quarterback" is The Goonies - as much as it pains me to write that.

The Goonies are fun, but they are nothing when compared to John McClaine

Goonies is fun to watch when its on TBS, but it gets stale and its success is more based in nostalgia than anything else now. Die Hard is just a classic action film.

Have to give it to Die Hard. Sorry, kids.

The Goonies is making a run at my top 3.

Wow what a horrible choice to have to make, I feel like I'm killing a puppy when i say this. Die hard is a great movie. Some of the best action scenes of all time and interlaced with enough one liners to make you crack a smile. But, Goonies, ... Goonies is a classic one of those movies that you remember forever after just one viewing, unfortunately sometimes you have to leave it at that one viewing, the re-watchability of Goonies is incredibly low for me. As much as i hate to choose against Goonies. I do.

When new action movies come out, they bill them as "Die Hard on a boat" or "Die Hard on a Plane". Goonies is good. Better than I can put into words. But Die Hard is must see.

Goonies is a classic. It has its place on the shelf along side ET, The Labyrinth, A Christmas Story and A Princess Bride just to name a few. Goonies wins hands down for the sake of fantastic childhood memories and leave it at that.

Two different movies! But I gotta go with Die Hard.

Goonies didn't create a genre...gotta go Die Hard everytime. Its my favorite movie and I've seen 1000's

I couldn't get into Goonies as a kid. Die Hard is just great popcorn action. I could watch it over and over again.

Woah, how is this eve a debate? One is a charming movie beloved by children and adults and the other is Goonies. Die Hard wins this one in a landslide!

COME ON you can't even be serious?

No contest here. I've always found The Goonies somewhat annoying, and it definitely doesn't hold up as well as Die Hard.

I can just see John McClane kicking everyone's ass that was involved in The Goonies. Die Hard hands down.

Both films are good Die hard wins

The best of the Die Hard series is a true classic!

The Goonies is.....horrible. I watched it for the first time a few months ago, and really don't see the appeal. It's a bunch of extremely annoying kids being obnoxious. Die Hard is such an amazing action film, with a great cast and holds up quite well. For everyone voting for The Goonies, go back and re-watch it. It does not hold up as well as you remember from when you were 3 or whatever.

It's over 20 years old now, yet Die Hard still seems cool and cutting-edge. Very few films from the 1980s hold up the way Die Hard does (including The Goonies).

The Goonies is a cute movie with funny characters and a heart warming ending. But it does not hold a flame up to John Mcclane in the first Die Hard. Mcclane is the greatest cop in the world and is able to take down an entire terrorist group down within an office building while the Goonies just walk around and stumble upon a treasure. DIE HARD FOR THE WIN!

Die Hard is like the Led Zeppelin of film. There's really no compelling argument against them that doesn't amount to "HURRRRRR WHITE PEOPLE!!! I LIKE MORE OBSCURE THINGS! !!!! HURRRRRRR". On the other hand, there's really no compelling argument for them except "Led Zeppelin, bro. Led Zeppelin." where are my meds

The Goonies is good Spielberg entertainment, but it will never hold the same candle that Die Hard does. Die Hard is the most balls to the wall action film ever made, and not only that, but it also has something The Goonies doesn't: A franchise. And each sequel has managed to be a good movie (Some will argue that, but at least in my eyes, I've enjoyed them all not including the 5th one which hasn't come out yet). Even without the sequels, Die Hard kicks The Goonies's ass right out of the water.

Die Hard is the better film. It is more entertaining, more fun to watch and has more action than The Goonies does.

I need to give Die Hard a rewatch. At the moment, I have to side with The Goonies.

Oh man...80's overload! It's McClane....

Die Hard, but both are classics.