The Killer vs. Hard Boiled



Two of the best action movies ever. It's hard to believe, given how awesome these are, the quality of Woo's output took such a massive dive after he left Hong Kong (although I still think Face/Off is brilliant).

Sophie's Choice.. again! The Killer may be the better movie, but I'll have to go with Hard Boiled, mostly because of the many big and mind-blowing action sequences.

I'd say that The Killer and Hard Boiled are equals, with one significant difference: The Killer has a anti-hero, while Hard Boiled has a heroic hero (he is a cop, after all). I usually prefer heroes, so Hard Boiled is my pick.

Depends on which one I saw last, really. Hard Boiled feels a little more incomplete, a little less purposeful (despite being a lot longer, if my memory serves), while The Killer has more melodramatic sappiness to wade through. Not that you should even be watching Woo if you're averse to that sort of pathos. I dunno. Do you prefer your right leg or your left leg?

Both are great movies but I liked the Killer a lot better, an assassin and a detective team up to fight his old boss who's trying to kill him, the action is great even the shootout in a church was fucking awesome, their's never a dull moment in the film, the chemistry between Chow Yun-Fat and Danny Lee was great as well. Hard Boiled is good but the pacing in the movie is slow but the Hospital shootout was the best part about the film.

The killer has a tighter narrative and the action is amazing, however i prefer hard boiled. It may be because i watched it first and was aw struck buy the action, but i watched it again i do think the action is better then in the killer and with woo that's why you watch his films.

This is fucking tough lol, the killer and hard boiled are both badass, so it’s a tie

Woo’s Hong Kong flicks are his best (I did enjoy the uncensored version of hard target though)