X-Men Origins: Wolverine vs. Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines



Two sequels that shouldnt exist. Idk who to give this one to.


Well, T3 has the hot babe terminator, so i might as well give it to her.

Even if neither of these sequels should exist, X-Men Origins: Wolverine still sucks the most. Kristanna Loken (the hot babe Terminator) is one of numerous reasons why Terminator 3 is better. My reaction to both of these is influenced by my familiarity with the characters as they were portrayed in previous movies, and the quality of Wolverine's portrayal has been degraded more. Or at least the quality of the story he's been dropped into has. I thought Terminator 3 was less obnoxious than Terminator 2, so in this case it was an improvement.

Both can be viewed as multi-million dollar insults. Still prefer Wolverine. Painkiller Jane over there is a horrible actress. I love MK Comquest but this girl fucked up playing a Termy. How do you fuck up playing a robot with no emotions or expressions?

Arnold dominates Jackson here, so T3 wins.

didn't like ether but origins is slightly better.

Terminator 3 deserves the win here, and you guys know it. A couple of decent action scenes, even if it is an insult to the first two. Other than Jackman and Schreiber, Wolverine was just insulting.

Terminator 3...and quite frankly....it ain't close.


I didn't hate Terminator 3 like most.

if this were terminator 1 or 2 it wouldn`t even be close. but considering what a cornucopia of butts the third one was. gotta give it to wolverine