A Taste of Catnip vs. The Hobbit



Whenever I'm watching Looney Tunes and I hear the music that signifies I'm about to see a DePatie-Freleng cartoon, I'm immediately filled with immense disappointment. It seems they only made horribly animated Road Runner cartoons or horribly animated and mildly racist Speedy Gonzales cartoons, and either way I can find little redeeming value to them (and I love the Road Runner). The fact that genius Friz Freleng decided to lend his name to this company in an effort to keep Warner Bros. cartoons alive makes me even sadder. I appreciate his sentiment, but the fact is that the Looney Tunes should have died in the early sixties, before a lack of budget reduced them to a shell of their former glorious selves. It's hard to think that something that only lasts for six minutes can drag, but A Taste of Catnip exists, so it happens. That said, this version of The Hobbit is laughably bad. If you've ever watched an episode of Reading Rainbow where they narrate a story and move the camera about the picture to mimic movement, then you have an idea of the quality you'll get with this. Even that might be forgivable if this wasn't trying to re-tell a 300 page book in 12 minutes and making completely unnecessary changes in order to do that. You can watch watch DePatie-Freleng cartoons and mourn the fall of the mighty, or you can absolutely waste your time on the Hobbit.