Air Force One vs. Top Gun



Both are decent, but I enjoyed AF1 more because it had real villains.

My only real complaint about "Top Gun" is that the final act has always disappointed me. It never felt to me like the movie actually built toward its climax, so much as it was imposed on the film. "Air Force One" builds momentum from the beginning and has a satisfying (if unrealistic) payoff.

Air Force One is one of those great '90s action flicks that I watched a dozen times as a teenager. Of course, it's cornball. Of course, it's completely unrealistic. Of course, it has Gary Oldman at his over-the-top best and Harrison Ford kicking @$$ and taking names. I love it. Top Gun is what it is, and I don't dislike it, but man, it seems so cheesy now...

I didn't watch Top Gun 'til about 3 years ago, and seeing it as an adult, it surprised me just how pervasively homosexual it all is; problem is, it doesn't own up to it. The beach volleyball with "Playing with the Boys" blasting on the soundtrack, Kelly McGillis dressing like a man for Tom Cruise, Cruise telling Kilmer he can "ride his tail anytime" or all seemed a bit too in the closet. Just come out and have Iceman fly Maverick to Vermont and make the thing legit!

Harrison Ford vs repressed homosexual Air Force pilots led by Tom that a matchup?