I Know What You Did Last Summer vs. Cruel Intentions



Sarah Michelle Gellar and Ryan Phillipe vs. Sarah Michelle Gellar and Ryan Phillipe. I don't think Gellar's ever been better than she was in "Cruel Intentions."

Agreed, it's the best performance of her career, with the possible exception of a couple of really good Buffy episodes, particularly "The Body".

But I Know What You Did may have the best/hottest four woman cast of all-time. Amazing every time I come across it channel surfing. The story is so dumb but the women so hypnotic.

Both of these films are from my teenage years in high school. I still enjoy both, but Cruel Intentions has more sticking power.

I have to disagree with Tom about Gellar's performance in Cruel Intentions. If it were any more hammy, she would have been twirling a mustache the whole time. That said, Cruel Intentions is the better movie here.