Seven Samurai vs. Once Upon a Time in the West



craptastic.... I knew it was going to come down to this eventually.... so tough, 2 master story tellers, and both cinematic geniuses.

God damn it... Seven Samurai, I guess...

Once Upon a Time in the West crushes Seven Samurai. Seven Samurai is good, but Leone's film has better music, a better story, better acting, better cinematography, and its just a better film overall.

Seven Samurai was good. I wasn't too huge a fan of Once Upon a Time in the West. I guess I'll go with Samurai.

Seven Samurai here.

Seven Samurai is a better movie

Seven Samurai for sure


Once Upon a Time in the West is the better film in eyes at least.

in my eyes*

These are two of my favorite movies of all time, but seven samurai narrowly takes the edge.