Seven Samurai vs. The Godfather



I'm stuck here.

godfather is d best

Don Corleone defeats Kurosawa on this one...

Kurosawa defeats Coppola for me.

Only one of these earns its reputation as one of the greatest films of all time and that's The Godfather.

tough, but going with the legendary Seven

Definitely The Godfather.


The Godfather. Seven Samurai, despite its inevitable strengths, may have been made a little too early for its own good. The Godfather came out at the opportune moment, and it still holds up incredibly well.

Definately Seven Samuri

the godfather is great, but i don't much like it. meanwhile, shichinin no samurai is just as perfect, and i love it immensely

Today seven samurai tomorrow godfather

I would give it to Seven Samurai. I think it edges out on a technical over The Godfather, even if only barely. Both are phenomenal, but one is simply higher on my list than the other

And I take back my vote. The Godfather definitely takes this imo. Not by much, and it's really close, but it definitely wins here