Seven Samurai vs. The Seventh Seal



on 9/16/2009

Argh! Totally different reasons I love them both! Eeny, meeny, miney, mo...

on 11/20/2009

Hmmm... Both "Sevens", both masterpieces of world cinema, both B&W, both set in the Middle Ages. I'm going to go with The Seventh Seal because I was more overwhelmed by the experience--it introduced me to film as art.

on 7/3/2010

Both are great,but the Seventh Seal is really powerful. so...

on 7/30/2010

NUMBER SEVEN NUMBER SEVEN NUMBER SEVEN NUMBER SEVEN. BOTH ARE VERY GOOD SO THIS IS TOUGH. Basically, Seven Samurai is totally awesome whilst The Seventh Seal is also awesome, but at times boring. Basically I don't like the middle where there's some guy stuck in a tree or something and they are all maxin' and relaxin' in a tavern. Okay it's been a while since I've seen it but that shit is bullshit. MORE EXISTENTIAL ANGST, PLEASE. Seven Samurai is just awesome, and gets better and better as the movie progresses. Which is good for a 3 hour marathon commitment.

on 4/15/2012

Gonna have to go with my favourite movie of all time (The seventh seal)

on 4/16/2012

The Seventh Seal. I admire Seven Samurai for it's storytelling and astounding technicals. It's a classic, not Kurosawa's best, IMO (I take issue with some of the dialogue+acting), but I superb film. I don't think The Seventh Seal is Bergaman's best, either (That title belongs to Persona) but still one of the greatest of all time (See: My Top Ten).

on 9/4/2012

Bergman was a huge Kurosawa fanboy, and he even wanted to be a samurai. Literally. Like a 13 year old otaku, he literally wanted to be a samurai. I'm not making that up. I imagine a guy like him at one point or another secretly ordered a katana to flail around when mom was sleeping. I like The Seventh Seal a bit more.

on 12/8/2012


on 12/8/2012

I'll go with Samurai. Frankly...I don't love either....

on 1/8/2014

Samurai. Such a grandiose achievement.

on 2/4/2014

Two films with little in common except greatness and the decade they were produced. Love both, but The Seven Samurai is slightly little more enjoyable

on 2/9/2014

two great films by two great directors this choice was hard to think out for me I had to rely on impulse...

on 2/22/2014

I don't love either like most people do, but both are very good nonetheless. I'll go with The Seventh Seal.

on 2/22/2014

Seventh Seal is a highly underrated film since so many people have never heard of it, but it is truly remarkable story of life, death and what's important. These two films are #109 and #152 for me. Sidenote: Se7en is #155 for me.

on 4/2/2014

Tough call. The action-packed Samurai vs the metaphorical and cerebral Seventh Seal. Love them both.

on 5/26/2014

Seven Samurai prevails

on 4/16/2017

Seven Samurai gets my vote. Both are masterpieces, but I found the Japanese film more engrossing.

on 11/8/2017

both incredible, but i prefer shichinin no samurai