Seven Samurai vs. The Dark Knight



The Dark Knight for me. I appreciated Seven Samurai and loved certain aspects of it but TDK is more my cup of tea. Not saying that I dislike old films because I love a lot of them...many are in my top 50 but The Dark Knight takes this one comfortably for me

Another weird thing about TDK is nobody in it has screen presence. Even Ledger, whose performance is cartoonish and larger than life, somehow comes off as a nobody when Nolan's pointing the camera. It's like he doesn't understand something really fundamental about filmmaking, whether it's composition or I dunno what. It doesn't feel like a movie, it feels like watching a bunch of boring fuckin' holograms from a distance.

Come on, Tommy 'Tiny' Lister has got screen presence all day long. Don't put down Deebo.

Gotta go with my man ToshirĂ´.

Two very influential action films. Seven Samurai may be more important, but I'm siding with The Dark Knight.

Yeah, Seven Samurai is something special, I just enjoyed TDK more.

The Dark Knight. Seven Samurai is vastly overrated in my opinion.

There are two Kurosawa films that beat one of my top 30 favourite films, "The Dark Knight". Those two are "Ikiru" and "Yojimbo" but "Seven Samurai" hasn't quite reached the same level for me as some of his other films. "The Dark Knight" tops "Seven Samurai" for me, at least for now.

The Dark Knight.

Akira Kurosawa takes the cake

Se7en and it isn't even close.

The Dark Knight. There are about two or three films I've ever seen that can beat The Dark Knight. But Seven Samurai is certainly not the wrong answer. Can't go wrong with either one of these.

The dark knight slaughters here..

I like TDK as much as the next person, but still easy win for Kurosawa here

I actually think Seven Samurai isn't even Kurosawa's best work, but I still have a mild preference for it over TDK

Seven Samurai is easily the better film imo

holy hell, comparing dark knight to seven samurai is like comparing a school hamburger to the worlds best steak, seven samurai dominates.

TDK is an extremely good film, but it's literally so unfair to compare it to Seven Samurai of all things. I think Farmer Vincent puts it best in his analogy. Seven Samurai absolutely humiliates

Seven Samurai definitely beats the shit out of TDK