Seven Samurai vs. Rear Window



1954, two MASTERPIECES. Seven Samurai is better, and this is why. It's more awesome. It's awesome when they burn down that building, it's awesome when smart man is building his team by testing fellas as they walk in the house, and it's awesome when they're defending the town. THAT'S THREE THINGS THAT ARE AWESOME. One awesome thing an hour.

This is the kind of matchup that just comes down to personal taste. These are both classics, a couple of the best movies I've ever seen. Would you rather watch grade-A suspense or a grand tale of men of honor? The latter suits my personal tastes more, so I have to go with Seven Samurai. Mifune and Shimura ace their roles and the movie itself is the definition of epic. Movies really don't get much better.

Im going with the Thriller.

Rear Window is my #3 all time, so...

Rear Window is good enough to beat Kurosawa here...........

Yeah, I never really got into Seven Samurai...Rear Window on the other hand, is amazing, a little slow....The 4 hr duration of Seven Samurai was hard to take in for me....I'll try later!

The two best films of 1954. Samurai is the clear winner.

Rear Window is the true masterpiece of 1954.

Two best films of 1954, both classics. Rear Window

Seven Samurat

Seven samurai by one spot on my list

On the Waterfront.