Seven Samurai vs. Citizen Kane



Ooo, two of the most influential movies ever made. Going Kane.

Going to have to go Kane as well. But I've been meaning to see SS again soon. It was the first Kurosawa I'd ever seen and I think I was a bit overwhelmed by it. Since then I've fallen in love with every single other film of his I've seen, so I think a revisit is in order.

Seven Samurai every time. It's not even close as it should be.

Both of these are great films in every way imaginable. Amazing performances. Breathtaking visuals. Innovative approaches to storytelling. I fear it comes down to my ethnocentrism. Ultimately, I just get where Welles is coming from better. There are aspects of cultural differences where I know I'm not getting all of Akira Kurosawa's message. This is due to my own limitations, but subjectively, Citizen Kane just appeals to me more.

Crap man, I had a cinematic orgasm watching both, lol! I guess it boils down to which I've seen more times. Seven Samurai.

Seven Samurai wins. And it's not that there's anything wrong with Citizen Kane, 'cause there isn't. It's just that Seven Samurai is that damn good.

Love both. But Citizen Kane is just perfection.

Can't say that I personally love either....but the Seven top Rosebud here...

Citizen Kane may be the greatest film of all time, but Seven Samurai is the better(er) film of all time.

This is tough.

Definitely Citizen Kane...Seven Samurai kinda bored me

Seven Samurai without a doubt. Citizen Kane to me is a one or two watcher. I can watch Samurai forever.



Kane is one of the most influential films of all time. The Seven have been very influential, as well as being entertaining. I go with the seven.