Seven Samurai vs. Ran



Ran vs. The Seven Samurai. I'm going to need a while to think over this. They are both masterpieces. I think The Seven Samurai. No, Ran. No, The Seven Samurai it is. The opening scene for SS is magic.

This is impossible. "Ran" is higher in my rankings, but I would chose either of these films over just about any other movie in existence -- besides each other. "Ran" has to win, but my love for "Seven Samurai" is boundless.

My love for these films know no bounds. These are the ones that make me love films in general. I choose Seven Samurai solely on the fact of my seeing it first. But know that they stand as equals in my eyes.

The toughest Flickchart choice since Mario Puzo's The Godfather Vs. The Godfather: Part II.

My two favorite Kurosawa movies. I'm going to have to go with Seven Samurai.

Kurosawa's two best films, imho. I love Seven Samurai - perhaps the best "western" ever made - but it cannot equal the awe I felt watching Ran, an epic tragedy I've never seen equaled on film.

I'm going with Seven Samurai become of the tremendous influence it had on future films and filmmakers.

I refuse to make a decision

Easily Seven Samurai. Original story, original characters, overall a far better film.

Two great films. Acting, cinematography, story. However, I'll choose "Ran" for dramatic color and, most significantly, the amazing score by Toru Takemitsu. One of the greatest film scores of all time. During the battle where Hidetora realizes the magnitude of his mistake and lapses into madness, notice that all sound has dropped out. The score is so freaking dramatic, it carries the family war like a wave, for several minutes. No explosions, no screams. Great, great film music!

Ran- It's Kurosawa's best film.

Too be honest...neither are in my top 2 or 3 Kurosawa movies. Both are ranked in the 2nd half of my flickchart. Toss up...meh...

Seven Samurai is remarkable and probably one of the most significant works ever made in the action/adventure genre, but I give this to Ran.

Both films are breathtakingly amazing. I prefer "Ran" for its striking visual effects, Tatsuya Nakadai's performance (which tops Shimura's from Seven Samurai) and the action set pieces and themes tackled. The pace and length of "Ran" is a little better than that in "Seven Samurai"

Both are great Kurosawa epics, but Seven Samurai is the far superior film in character and plot development, as well as emotional connection. Ran's over-dramatic, Shakespearean ending really drops the realism of the film, and is what ruined it for me, whereas Seven Samurai's ending was masterful and much more realistic. Plus the characters are developed so well in Seven Samurai that it's easier to connect with them.

As of now my two favorites from Kurosawa. Both are stunning epics, but I gotta give the slight edge to Seven Samurai.

both utterly incredible and in my top 50, but i prefer ran

Love both. But there can only be one winner