Seven Samurai vs. Kagemusha



Two of Kurosawa's best films, and even though Kagemusha is genius in every meaning of the word the pure influence that Seven Samurai has had vaults it above all of his work.

I think Seven Samurai is much better. Kagemusha has a surprising amount of problems for a Kurosawa film. The ending battle is pretty disappointing for instance.

Kagemusha doesn't exactly have the humanity of Seven Samurai (although I've seen warmer films that Seven Samurai too), but it's feels a hundred times heavier. Every movement has this kind of reverence to it. That dream sequence seals it.


Seven Samurai is iconic. Kagemusha has a good concept, and at times it is stunning with the backdrops and the camera work, but it fails when stacked up to the performances, character building, and overall delivery of Seven Samurai.