Seven Samurai vs. The Matrix



Impossible to decide. Two massively influential films from such different eras.

^^he said it well....I myself couldn't like Seven Samurai that much but I LOVE The Matrix...And now, it isn't because its an old film!

I definitely liked Seven Samurai, but The Matrix is one of the defining movies of the past 25 years. For me, it's no contest.

Well someone needs to toss in the right vote here.

Yeah, what he said ^. I do like The Matrix though, but I actually LOVED Seven Samurai. I'm surprised in how long it has stayed in my top 10. Will there ever be a character as kool as Kikuchiyo? Probably not, probably not.


Seven Samurai destroys The Matrix.

Not for me, Matrix wins easily.

Akiro Kurosawa's classic wins

Matrix is alright. Meh.

The Matrix, for me. Both films are genre-defining for their eras.

The Matrix is certainly the better action movie. Now whether or not that makes it the better movie in general, I don't know, but it's my pick nonetheless.