Falling Down vs. Collateral



Hmm, two great movies that seem to show the shadier side of L.A. and its inhabitants. While I do like the performances by both Foxx and Cruise in Collateral, Michael Douglas in Falling Down is simply unforgettable. I had a problem when he dressed up like an army commando near the end, but what the heck. Falling Down.

Falling Down is a very recent addition to my Flickchart; I found it to be an interesting movie and a good reminder that Joel Schumacher does make some good movies, but it can't beat one of my Top 20 films.

i find both of these films dark depraved and unfun. i wouldn't want to revisit either of them, but while I respect Douglas and Foxx for their artistry, Cruise's presence in any film automatically ruins it for me. He was tolerable in Risky Business, and everything ever since has been downhill, so i gotta go with Falling Down.

^ Say what now?

Collateral sucks.

falling down without much conviction