Anatomy of a Murder vs. Rear Window



Stewart Showdown! Anatomy of a Murder is one of the best screenplays ever. It's also one of the best courtroom movies ever, without being too full of itself. I love both of these movies. I have to pick Anatomy of a Murder. Grace Kelly though... mercy.

Anatomy of a Murder has a brilliant screenplay and performances, but Hitchcock is Hitchcock and when he's at his best, as he is with Rear Window, I can't bring myself to vote against him very often. Rear Window it is.

Liked Anatomy,Loved Window.

Rear Window is my favorite Jimmy Stewart film.

Anatomy of a Murder is absolutely riveting from start to finish. Court-room dramas just don't get any better than this. Rear Window is also an immense movie, but I have to go with Anatomy on this one.

Stewart my favorite classic actor and Anatomy of a Murder is my 2nd favorite Courtroom drama its amazing while Rear Window is just one of cinemas all time great!

I've got to go with Anatomy of a Murder, but it's such a close toss-up.

Anatomy is great, but RW is simply better.

No's Rear Window.

Anatomy of a Murder is a brilliant film, but Rear Window is the pinnacle of suspense. Hitchcock at his absolute best; Stewart was just a little better in Anatomy though!