Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows vs. Sherlock Holmes



Like the character,like Downey Jr. , like Guy Ritchie, but AMAZINGLY strongly dislike the franchise. At least the first entry was bearable.

These are very, very similar in my books...meaning watchable enough, but nothing special. In both cases, the best thing about them is the chemistry between Downey and Law as Holmes and Watson. I prefer having more McAdams in the first to Rapace in the second, but prefer Harris' Moriarty to Strong's Blackwood. In the first, Holmes actually seems to be doing some detecting work, rather than just being the action hero he is in the sequel. I guess I slightly prefer the first, but these two pretty much belong together in the middle of my Flickchart somewhere.

I prefer the second one. The first one felt kind of lame. The second one felt too long, but was at least enjoyable.

This is interesting. The second one did a few things right that the first failed to get, but it also failed in a lot of areas. I liked some of the sequences in the second more than the first (The opera scene in particular) but elements such as the gypsy storyline really took away from the film. It's been awhile since I last saw the first Sherlock Holmes, but right now, I'd say that it's the superior film.

I didn't love the first one...and I remember just about nothing of the second one. I'll go with the original, but so far, this franchise just isn't working for me.

I gotta go with the sequel

Apparently I'm the only one that absolutely loves both of these films. I slightly prefer the first one.

It took me three viewings to really love Sherlock Holmes, though I took to the second one immediately.

I'd rate them practically equally. A Game of Shadows only because it has Moriarty as the villain.

Well that happen to the first it begin to up against the thriller what have down and also second it had pure to adventure

I think A Game of Shadows lost a lot by moving the action away from London (Ritchie's comfort zone) and killing off Irene in the first ten minutes. And as johnmason mentioned, the first is a better example of a detective film.

Where is that third film we were promised? Loved both of these...

I'd say that these are both good movies. I prefer Shadows more. I admired its ambition and it took an interesting direction with the relationship between the two leads. I can barely remember Mark Strong's villain. Jared Harris' Moriarty was the shit.

Both very good. Can't wait for the third film.

Tiebreaker edge to "Game of Shadows" for expanding on the original