Miller's Crossing vs. Fargo



So close., but Steve B puts Fargo over the top. Two of my favorite films...can I just kill myself instead?

Whoa. Tough one. I don't remember as much of Miller's Crossing as Fargo but it feels like saw it much earlier and only once. Fargo is marvelous but Miller's Crossing seems to have more weight. Love 'em both though.

Torture! But Millers' had more of an impact on me. And I think it's funnier thanks to that wonderfully weird dialogue.

Tough. Over all I have to go with Fargo, but the 'look into your heart' scene(s) in Miller's Crossing are probably my favorite Coen moment(s).

Miller's crossing but I still love Fargo

Fargo for me, but Miller's Crossing is my #3 from the Coen Bros.

Millers Crossing is a forgotten gem that shows great potential for the Coens but that potential isn't fully explored until Fargo!