Live Free or Die Hard vs. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull



The battle of sequels that never should have existed. Die Hard was quite entertaining though.

I agree. The aliens really really killed Indy. I didn't feel like Die Hard was a disappointment at all.

Really hard to choose between two movies that almost ruined my childhood memories. On one side a caricature of what hackers are, on the other... a caricature of what Indiana jones used to be? I think I´ll go with Die hard just because at least we don´t have George Lucas trying to sell us the movie is a great idea and that all bad was Spielberg´s idea.

The 4th Indiana Jones was quite entertaining.

Two very weak 4th installments....Indy is better for a few reasons: kinda fun, music by John Williams and Harrison Ford.

Live Free or Die Hard is a good example of a fourquel, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is not.