Live Free or Die Hard vs. Transformers



Die Hard 4

Live Free or Die Hard is underrated.

I agree that DH4 is definitely underappreciated. That being said, I had no problem with the original Transformers. It wins here....

Transformers was completely overrated. From how badly it was shot to every single human character, who made me wish I was on another planet. My intelligence was insulted by that film (if it had just focused on the robots, it would've been a great movie, but alas it didn't). Live Free or Die Hard was not only a great addition to the Die Hard franchise, but it was also a return to form for old-school action films. Sure, it had its issues (The F-35 jet sequence seemed like something out of a Schwarzenegger film), but for the most part, it was one of the best action films of its ilk that I had seen in a long time. Live Free or Die Hard wins this in a big landslide!

Two actioners that disappointed.

I enjoyed Live Free or Die Hard quite a bit when I first saw it, but its flaws became more apparent to me upon seeing it again. Overall, it's just an okay action movie. Transformers is a lot more fun. Easy choice...

The OG Transformers is the only one that's good in the series.