Aladdin vs. Solo: A Star Wars Story



It's sad that this prick is still around. Flickchart used to be a community for film discussion. Now it's overrun with trolls and dickheads with only occasionally someone comes along who wants to seriously discuss film. Seriously "Steve" or "man". I get that you're a kid or just not very bright but still, do something with your life. You get nothing out of life creating 30 accounts and spamming. Annoying others is not a vocation or a hobby. Piss off and get a life...

"Flickchart used to be a community for film discussion." That was an epoch ago. The lion's share of witty, insightful commentators left many a year ago. The few that remain are hardly active. Everyone else is barely - if at all - more useful at serving the discourse than ___Man-Steve. He's not really lowering the bar that significantly.

Oh wow, Disney, please stop torturing the classics.

ECHO: "Disney, please stop torturing the classics." Please please please.