Shrek vs. WALL·E



toughy, but i like shrek better

Wall e is better made. Shrek is a little worn out because so many movies copied it.

Wall-e all the way. Though shrek is still a timeless classic, it didn't deal with real life issues like Wall-E did (it actually did the opposite, which is cool).

Wall-E was an absolute joy to watch,the first 45 minutes is some of the best animation i've seen in ages. Shrek made me laugh,but Wall-E made me laugh,cry and gaze in amazement at what they can now do in computer animation.

An anomaly in the canon of Dreamworks Animation versus another in a long line of Pixar classics, and its finest. Interesting. Shrek is a wonderful celebration and parody of fairy tales. Can't refute that. Wall-E, it is not, though. Few films are as undeniably endearing as Wall-E.

"Shrek" hasn't held up as well as I thought it would over the last nine years. Whether "WALL-E" will still impress me remains to be seen, but for right now it's easily the superior film IMO.


Wall- E will always be superior.

I re-watched the first three Shrek movies fairly recently, and it reminded me that, before Shrek the Third tarnished its reputation (haven't seen Forever After yet), Shrek was a pretty damn fine movie. But most of Pixar's canon still far outclasses it, and WALL·E is one of their finest, so...

I guess I disagree with everybody here... I think Shrek was unexpected, and I saw it many times and still find it great. I've only seen Wall-E once, and I really liked it, but I guess Shrek holds up higher on my mind.

"Wall-E" is one of the most impressive films ever made. It's a nearly perfect blend of just about the entire history of cinema.

The first Shrek was hilarious, but Wall-E is something special.

Shrek is more fun but Wall-E remains the better movie all in all. Diffcult.

I think Wall-e and Ratatouille are the only two movies bad movies of Pixar. I didnt like Wall-e. Shrek was a great movie.

Wall-E. No contest.

Any movie with Smash Mouth in it deserves to be shot into the sun.

Shrek wins in the battle of two of my a favorite animated films ever...

Wall-E wins for me. Pop culture references can only go so far.

im going with the robit

Shrek gets my vote. Wall-E is great, but a little overrated.

I think any pixar movie would defeat Shrek

Oh God. I don't love Wall.E but I do love Shrek so...

WALL-E for me.

WALL-E is my 2nd favorite Pixar film. It is absolutely perfect. The Incredibles is over it because I'm biased with superhero movies! WALL-E wins, but Shrek is wonderful.

I like Shrek but I love WALL-E.

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WALL-E is just too beautiful and ambitious to be bested by Shrek.

WALL-E is a great film and deserves a place among other great Sci-Fi films like 2001, Blade Runner and Alien, Shrek is funny and was ground-breaking at the time but it just hasn't held up as well, WALL-E on the other hand is a timeless classic and the clear winner for me.

Both are great films, but WALL-E and EVE have a romance that goes to infinity and beyond! WALL-E for me.

Shrek doesn't stand a chance against WALL-E.

The first act of Wall-E is probably better than the entirety of Shrek but I slowly lost interest the longer it went on for. Shrek remains consistent and inventive throughout!

Wall-E is kanker lit a neef. als je dat niet gelooft ben je echt kaulo dom a niffo

Shrek changed animation history and went on to beat Pixar's Monsters Inc for the first Academy Award for Best Animated Feature Film, although Monsters Inc would still win an Oscar for Best Original Song. And Shrek also received a nomination for Best Adapted Screenplay the first for an animated film in the category. It's a classic but I adore WALL-E and it's my all time favorite film because of the story, charm, depth and characters.

I hate shrek. Wall-E is incredible