Shrek vs. Kung Fu Panda



Panda is the first DreamWorks animated movie to top Shrek.


Shrek was more entertaining with more memorable characters.

Shrek is unforgettable. Not a masterpiece, but still more memorable than Kung Fu Panda.

Kung Fu Panda wouldn't exist without Shrek. The movie has soured a little in my mind since I saw it, what with all the terrible sequels, spin-offs, and terrible wanna-be's it has inspired, but at the time it was extremely funny and extremely entertaining.

Kung Fu Panda is fun, but Shrek is the movie that put DreamWorks on the map and to this day is still their greatest film (although How to Train Your Dragon comes close)

Yep, Shrek exceeds Kung Fu Panda in nearly every way.

Two of Dreamworks best. Shrek is a classic.

Kung-Fu Panda all the way.

Loved them both. Shrek wins,.

Shrek has better lines! and the cast of familiar characters is great.

Kung fu panda is not tiring to watch again and again.

kung fu panda, shrek is a good movie but didn't have life lessons or tons of emotional moments both good dreamworks flicks but still kung fu panda

This is hard. The Kung fu Panda series is better than the shrek series. But The first Shrek beats the whole kung fu panda series. And Shrek was the movie that saved dreamworks. And everybody liked Kung fu Panda when it came out, so its Shrek. Shrek wins.