Shrek vs. Ice Age



Not a fan of either of these, though I did enjoy the Dodo joke in 'Ice Age', so I guess its better.

There are few films that I truly hate... these are two of the biggest offenders. I didn't laugh once during either of these, and it's a toss-up over which was more poisonous to my soul. I'm going to say ICE AGE is better because I like the voice talent better, and I really, really hate Mike Myers.

I thought Shrek was far more funny than Ice Age.

The first Shrek was incredibly funny and therefore wins here. In the sequel department Ice Age would win though.

Both of these are terrible, but at least one didn't feature a song by Smashmouth.

Shrek was muuuuch better. Ice Age didn't find a way to make me laugh as hard, as I did and do for donkey!

Ice Age hasn't aged well and it just gets dumber with every viewing.

It was all downhill for each of these franchises after these movies. I can understand the hate for either of them, but I think they're both at least decent. I kind of agree with rob, though. Shrek gets by for the win.


ummm both movies shit but shrek just alittle bit less shitter

Shrek is quite superior, but Ice Age is also really good.

DreamWorks fights Fox Corporation

Both were great to watch as a kid but Shrek is a film I still really enjoy to this day.

*Snicker* Are you happy?

i liked both but i mostly prefer Ice Age


I enjoyed Ice Age a little bit more.

Shrek and it's not close.