Hamlet vs. Hamlet



Things like this make me wonder if Flickchart does them on purpose. Anyway, it's no contest whatsoever: BRANAGH!!!!!

Branagh is a ham, and his Hamlet (haha) is cheesy to the point of awfulness, with the killing of Claudius being an extreme low point. The Olivier version is cut to shreds, yes, but at least it maintains a modicum of dignity.

Both are fantastic films, showcasing the level of talent both directing lead men have for adapting the Bard. I could probably do a side by side comparison (Hell, that might end up as a review on my blog) and find that one film does something better than the other (Oiliver is a better Hamlet than Brannagh, although Winslet's Ophelia is only slightly better than Simmon's) but for my money, Brannagh's Hamlet is how I see the Bard's Magnum Opus. Oiliver is superb, but I think Brannagh's is the better film.

Olivier gave the better performance, but Branagh's Hamlet is the more complete work (and more visually appealing).