The Matrix vs. The Departed



Good matchup here. The Matrix wins.

I don't love The Matrix like everyone else does. The Departed easily wins.

The Matrix is victorious!

Great matchup. The Departed is great but I've seen it so many times it's starting to lose its magic a bit. Going with The Matrix

Leaning towards The Depah'ted...

Wow...this is extremely close. I think I'll go with The Matrix but it's really close

Gotta give the near toss up to The Matrix...

Two great films that I love. The Matrix is my choice for now.

The Matrix here.

Matrix stills epic and good, but The Departed is the greatest and phenomenal movie Here!

Subject to change. The Departed>The Matrix


The Matrix wins this but not by a long shot.

Imma take The Departed for its quotable, tense narrative and its astonishing replay value. The Matrix, though, is probably the better film.

How do I choose?