The Matrix vs. The Avengers



Two masterpieces of the sci-fi genre. My goodness, this is hard. Matrix was far more impactful and more groundbreaking, yet Avengers broke the inner comic-book mark inside of me. Matrix delievered intelligence through superficial visuals and action, whereas Avengers is a giant piece of popcorn entertainment, a true spectacle. Went for Avengers since it's one of my all time favs and has in my opinion higher rewatchablility factor than Matrix - but I love both to death.

I love Avengers as much as everyone else, but this doesn't need thought for me. The Matrix is an absolute technical masterpiece.

Ill will go with the avengers, but this was a very hard decision

I didn't really care for Avengers that much.

The Avengers can't beat the Matrix quite yet....

The Avengers.

I prefer The Avengers.

The Matrix.

The matrix

Avengers was good fun, but Matrix is on an entirely different level.

no contest it Matrix original smart action packed mind blowing visuals revolutionary in every way hands down Matrix.

easy for me, in every way Matrix crushes Avenger!

Avengers just holds up better. Plus, Matrix got crapped on by two awful and bizarre sequels.

Neo wins

Matrix all the way

Avengers is obviously the best of it's franchise, Matrix isn’t nothing anything simple that great special but overrated cartoonish forgettable film even those awful bad ridiculous terrible sequels concluded.

Matrix is so much better, heck even Reloaded craps on half of the MCU.