The Matrix vs. Fight Club



Wow. Pick 1999 and this is the first that pops up. It's a tough one, but I think I'm going to have to go with Fight Club.

Wow. Pick 1999 and this is the first that pops up. It's a tough one, but I think I'm going to have to go with Fight Club.

Fight Club is a movie that is way overrated by too many people. The Matrix kicked ass. I don;t care who you are if you pick Fight Club in this one, seek help. Immediately call the nice men to bring you the I love me coat and take to a room where it looks like you could sleep on the walls.

I respect your opinion, but I have to disagree. Trust me, though, it was a very hard decision.

On any other day, I would pick the Matrix. Maybe I'm in a weird mood. Bah.

Can't believe these two came out the same year.

Can we have a Matrix\Dark City showdown?

ummm.... they are both at the top of my ranking... hell, 99 was a great year. both movies deal with kind of the same ideas, I can't even make a ''heart over brain'' choice here... hell I go with the matrix, but just by half an inch...

Fight club for sure.

Fight Club is Top 30 material. Matrix is Top 20 material.

I loved the mind-melting that occurs when you watch 'Fight Club' but you get some of that with 'The Matrix' too, along with awesome effects! But the later 'Matrix' films kinda ruined the whole series for me, so going with 'Fight Club' by a millimeter.

Fight Club. I used to never rate The Matrix really, put it down as some stupid action film, but it really has quite a lot going for it with the effects, acting and parallels. Having said that, Fight Club still wins easily, it really has all bases covered - themes & message, cinematography, the best acting from Pitt, Boham-Carter,Norton in their respective careers, great script with extreme quotability, perfect soundtrack, great entertainment, mostly good humour thrown in, and a reasonable rewatch value. Fight Club > The Matrix. Sorry 'The Movie Whore', but I truly believe FC to be the better film, hard to convince people though, a lot of misinterpretations with the film.

Both are great, awesome movies, but Fight Club is by far more imaginative and unique. While I don't think I could have made the Matrix as good as it was, I definitely could have come up with that plot. I would have never thought of Fight Club.

God I love both of these films. Chuck Palahniuk vs. The Wachowskis. Oh god. Fight Club has an incredible cast with a lot of dark humor and a sort of demented look at life that only Palahniuk can deliver. That being said, I have to go with The Matrix. I'm a sucker for Sci-fi and Goth/Fetishwear. Where Fight club was a tad more "in your face" intellectual and was based in the real world and is a more realistic possibility (like someone could be doing what Tyler Durden did down the street from my house), The Matrix tickles my imagination of other worlds and some super powers and crazy fight scenes while still getting across the same message. Also I'm a costume designer, so the more imaginative costumes that Kym Barrett designed kind of sells me, too. Fun Fact: All the costumes that were worn inside the Matrix were run through a green wash, even on colors where you can't see it, just to give it that technological/virtual undertone.

What puts Fight Club over The Matrix are the performances of its star-studded cast and the treasure hunt the film becomes after your first viewing, as you look for hints at the eventual twist. The Matrix has both vision and acting, but it has no answer for Brad Pitt, Edward Norton, Helena Bonham Carter and co.

Damn you Flickchart! We have Fight Club vs. The Matrix. Do I choose the one or Tyler Durden? As much as I would like l to say I choose the matrix,going to have to go with Fight Club! Its so awesome and it evolves through the entire movie.

While Fight Club is epic, I would have to go with Matrix.

As overrated as FIGHT CLUB is, at least it attempted to satirize what THE MATRIX only fetishized -- emo macho bullshit.

As groundbreaking as The Matrix was, Fight Club was such brilliant and fearless social satire that I can't help but pick it.

Fight Club is NOT overrated.

Ooh ... a battle of grandly constructed realities unravelled. Both visionary. Both tapping into the zeitgeist. Both anthems against the mainstream, the man. But Fight Club, with its trangressive sexiness, its gruesome violence and exhuburent nihilism, is truly low and outside.

Fight Club. Matrix is good but Dark City is better.

Seeing Fight Club again, I have to agree with carlosortegap. I take back what I said about Fight Club being overrated. I agree with Carlos: Fight Club > Dark City > The Matrix.

I guess if I had to watch one of them again right now I'd pick Matrix.

aaww... that's hard. Matrix was great. For some reason I'd rather not talk about Fight Club right now.

Both movies are excellent, but Brad Pitt, Edward Norton and Helena Bonham Carter act circles around Keanu Reeves, Lawrence Fishburne and Carrie-Anne Moss. Fight Club is not overrated.

Not only is Fight Club overrated, but judging by its overall place on Flickchart, I'd say it's the most overrated film of this entire database. NO WAY does it come close to being as good as the Matrix, an interesting film with ground-breaking visuals and a brilliant story with a twist that doesn't cheat. I actually enjoyed Fight Club for it's dark sense of humor, slick cinematography and whip-smart dialogue, but it's twist plays on one of the lamest tricks in film history; showing you something that simply ISN'T HAPPENING. It's almost as lame as the "it was all just a dream" twist. What exactly is supposed to be happening throughout every scene that Ed Norton is talking to Brad Pitt? Is it all in his head, or is he actually talking to himself like a psychotic lunatic? And why on earth would anyone follow such an obvious homeless crackpot mental fuck-up that punches himself in the face and drops beer on the ground? And how did no one notice him talking to himself or "zoning out" for long periods at a time while he has his ultra-lame "inner monologue as dialogue"? And how can he actually be HEARING HIMSELF HAVE SEX IN ANOTHER ROOM WITH HIS GIRLFRIEND? I didn't see the "twist" coming because the movie basically lies to you for the first 2/3, so that the final 1/3 doesn't really add up (wait, so he can kill a generated persona that's in his head by shooting himself in the mouth?), or if it did I didn't really care because maybe the whole movie's in his head, or maybe the whole thing turns out to be Richard Nixon's deathbed fantasy, because who really cares when you can just say "what happened before actually didn't happen". The movie might as well have ended with 20 mins. of Julie Andrews musical numbers because that would have made about as much sense.



This one's hard, but i'll go with Fight Club. The acting and screenplay are better in Fight club in my opinion.

It's a tough one, but the matrix just edges out fight club.

Fight Club just doesn't come close to the joy I had watching Matrix the first time.

This isn't hard.

Matrix has an excellent story but bad acting. Fight club has an excellent story and excellent acting. I'm not sure which story is better, but the fact the FC acting pawns Matrix acting tips this in Fight Club's Favour

Great year for movies!!!!

see number 1, sums it all up for me -

Oh my God..both of these films are brilliant, but I have to go with Fight Club, since it's actually my favourite film of all time (my mother doesn't really understand) and I can relate to the screenplay a lot more. I love The Matrix as well but I don't quote from it as much as I quote Fight Club and to be honest, Edward Norton and Brad Pitt are just AMAZING actors. So there. One more vote to FC.

Definitely Fight Club!

i have read so manny comments and i am apuled at some of u fight club and the matrix are 2 of the best movies ever made not top 20 or top 10 top 3 now for u idots who think just because ppl had on black leather that dose not make theese movies emo are u retarded pleae seek help if u think so thsese movies are thought provoking and cool and fun to watch the diffence is fight club dose all that and it makes u laugh thats why fight club is better for the record its fight club then matrix then clockwork orange

Matrix was good but not a fresh idea. Fight Club was a real rebellion. Easy decision.

You DO NOT TALK ABOUT Fight Club, unless pointing out that it's the better of two films!

You DO NOT TALK ABOUT Fight Club, unless pointing out that it's the better of two films!

This is a hard one because I recall that both elicited a "holy shit that was good" upon exiting the theatre back in 99. I'm going to say fight club on account of the plot. Both had plot-twists, but ironically Fight Club's were more mind-bending.

Matrix just crushes here. Fight Club just never clicked with me...while the Matrix was just awesome.

I had a feeling the Fight Club was overrated before I even saw it. Finally watching it only confirmed my suspicions. The Matrix all the way.

Fight Club is too good.

Fight Club. I gotta give it to The Matrix though. Both of these films were released in the same year and were 1999's best films but they didnt get nominated for the Oscar of Best Picture.

of course fight club

Both great films of 1999. Im going with The Matrix cos it is number 1 on my flickchart.

The Matrix.

Hardest choice of them all :/

The Matrix.

I really dislike them both. I guess I have to turn in my 28-year-old male card.

The Matrix in my opinion.

Both great movies with great mind blowing themes. Matrix got a bad rap due to its disappointing sequels but I maintain that "The Matrix" was revolutionary film making all around and the freshest thing to happen to cinema since Star Wars(the originals of course). Since then its techniques and ideas have been profusely overused which has also tainted the new viewer's perspective of the film. Though Fight Club was itself a great and unique film with a great twist, still it cannot hold a candle to the way The Matrix has altered our perceptions of reality and technology.

Fight Club. altough The Matrix was pretty much the Avatar of 1999. but featuring a way better story and characters. it changed the game with its technical achivements in sound editing and special effects.

Fight Club is the winner!

There is no question that The Matrix, the story and the way it brought action to a different level wins this tilt. Fight Club is like the little kick dog that just yaps all day long: annoying and a total bore.

I like Fight Club, same as anybody else. But I don't care how good a fighter Tyler Durden is, he doesn't "know kung fu."

This one is an easy choice as far as I'm concerned. While The Matrix redefined the action genre it still has some serious flaws, namely the acting. Fight Club on the other hand is not only an important and thought provoking film, it didn't need special effects to carry it.

Even after all these years, The Matrix is still one impressive movie to watch. Meanwhile, Fight Club's counterfeit nihilism looks so lame to me now. Easy decision.

The Matrix. Both are stylistically amazing whilst also being intellectually sophisticated. However, I find the philosophical parallels in The Matrix more interesting than the social satire in Fight Club and I think that The Matrix did much more for cinema on a technical level than Fight Club did. The only categories in which Fight Club is better are acting and script, with excellent performances from Norton and particularly Pitt and deliciously dark writing. But The Matrix is definitely the more entertaining, exciting and (for me at least) interesting of the two.

The Matrix wins here. Fight Club is too full of itself.

Easily the two best films of 1999. Both are in my top 10, but The Matrix has had a more profound experience on me.

Both of these 2 movies are wow and unique but i got to go with Fight club because it shook my world and the story isn t just about fight there is a lot more going on ! Tyler durden played by Brad Pitt stole the show and is definitley one of the best movie characters of all Time along with Han solo and the joker . Fight club got better movie lines that is sure !

Fight Club is my favourite movie of 1999.

Fight Club is too hard to beat. Except for Shawshank.

The Matrix is better because of the unique plot. Just absolutely ground-breaking and outstanding so Fight Club just can't compete.

The Matrix is all the while more superior for me. More fascinating characters, amazing visuals, breath taking action sequences and one of the most amazing stories in a movie...Fight Club disappointed me!

The Matrix is all the while more superior for me. More fascinating characters, amazing visuals, breath taking action sequences and one of the most amazing stories in a movie...Fight Club disappointed me!

Matrix was better folks.

Genre: wake up sheeple

Definitely going with Fight Club.

I'm honestly stumped here, I'm thinking Fight Club for now...

Tough decision but I've got to go with Fight Club

Fight Club is the film that shaped me as the film fanatic I am today. The Matrix is brilliant too, though.

The two best movies from what may have been the best year ever for movies. I will give Fight Club the edge by the smidgiest of smidges.

So, I finally watched The Matrix (I know right?) and I loved it. Did I love it as much as Fight Club? No.

The Matrix is way,way better than Fight Club. The Matrix is one of the best sci-fi films ever made.

fight club is not overrated .matrix is overrated

Two action greats from 1999 which one could I choose

Two movies which pretend to be ideologic, revolutionary and complex, but end up going full retard in the last act. There are brilliant scenes in both The Matrix and Fight Club, and yet, somehow, they both missed the point -- or the greater picture. And for what? For some silly twists and some over the top slow-mos.

I believe on The Matrix, through I do like Fight Club

Both Philosophical powerhouses.. Fight Club just has the better acting.


Can I choose both?

Here's my top 3 movies out of the 2,017 films I've seen. #1 Braveheart, #2 The Matrix, #3 Fight Club. That's the order they're staying, it's a razor thin race tho. I love and cherish these top 10 movies of mine!

The Matrix is entertaining without a doubt but I like Fight Club more.

They're both are my favorite ones of 1999, I can't decide here.

"Counterfeit nihilism." Brilliant wording.

Fight Club for me

Fight club wins this pne for me.The matrix looks more cartoonish as days passes by

Fight club wins this one for me.The matrix looks more cartoonish as days passes by

Matrix is cool and mind- blowing, but fight club's plot twist totally threw me off.

Both great but Fight Club wins.

Fight Club, all the way. The Matrix never really did anything for me.

Fight club.

I am a real fan of fight club , but now that i think back to my 1st viewings of these films.Matrix was a ground breaker.People were coming out of the theatre going What the fuck did i just see.Matrix set the tone on what an action movie should look like going into 2000.The Phantom Menace was suppose to be THE BLOCKBUSTER, but Matrix Took off and never looked back.I think the Matrix Sequels ruined the movies lagacy a bit......,IT was simply unforgetabble


The Fight Club has better direction and stronger acting. The Matrix is more entertaining. Fight Club wins this.


The Fight Club has better direction and stronger acting. The Matrix is more entertaining. Fight Club wins this.


The Fight Club has better direction and stronger acting. The Matrix is more entertaining. Fight Club wins this.

Fight Club...

I think Fight Club wins.

The Matrix was groundbreaking. Although the sequals were terrible, the original was one of the best movies ever dreamed up in film history. Fight Club is great, but when it comes to film history, the Matrix was on a different level.

fight club is a real revolution. Its just like a wild and nihilistic dream, I love Matrix but Fight club rules.

Fight Club is better...

Not close Tyler Durden over Thomas Ander Neo.

The Matrix was the ultimate warning for a post-9/11 world that presents the illusion of freedom while actually enslaving you without your consent as well as knowledge. One should rebel to fight oppression, not to look cool. That's why Fight Club fails.

A lot of talk for an easy decision. The Matrix>Fight Club

They both have similar themes, but I find The Matrix much more watchable due to its unique blend of cyberpunk, philosophy, martial arts, and groundbreaking special effects that are just as cool today as they were twenty-years ago.

ill go with the matrix.

Both are overrated but Fight Club is better

Nvm switching to The Matrix

Both are fantastic. Fight Club holds up better 20 years later

Matrix for me

Very very tough they are both #9 and #10 on my list. So acoording to my list i gotta go wth the matrix

Fight Club is just better

Fight club, the matrix just doesn’t feel as awesome.

Now here's a real hard choice. Both are absolute masterpieces exploring similar themes, but I think I just barely have to give the edge to Fight Club. The Matrix is great, but there are a few bits where I felt like it could have been improved, especially with regards to the acting. Fight Club, on the other hand, is pure cinematic perfection.

Two best of 1999. Both are great but it's Fight Club.

Fight Club is a far superior film to the Matrix. The Matrix is a top level Action film on the level of Alien, RoboCop Terminator 2. But Fight Club is a high level film for Social Commentary and begs to be re-watched. Fight Club is a level above.

Fight Club for its seriously true Consumerism commentary.