The Matrix vs. Jurassic Park



Both are fairly groundbreaking films. I prefer Jurassic Park.

I second that.


I third that.


The Matrix. I can't 4th it but I'm sure somebody will.

I second that.

Sorry, Mateo, but it's just the opposite for me. Harry Potter wins over Star Wars. Every time.

Oops. Lazarus is a handy extension that lets you call back up comments you otherwise would have lost for one reason or another, but I called back up the wrong one that time. Here's what I meant to say. Both can be seen as groundbreaking. And Jurassic Park is fun. But I felt that The Matrix was astounding when I first saw it, this despite being somewhat predisposed to not liking it due to all the hype surrounding it. Astounding beats out fun for me any day.

God, they're both fun. They're both in my Top 20, and I'm back and forth on this. For now, I'm sticking with Jurassic Park, but I'll probably change my mind as soon as I see The Matrix again.

This is harder than choosing between family members.

I find both of these movies a little overrated, Jurassic Park more so than The Matrix, so...

Matrix. Both were ground breaking, but in my opinion...Matrix still holds up to this day....

Visionary is the word here. I really do love Jurassic Park, but Matrix has a lot of technical accomplishments as well to match it, with a heavy kicker: The brilliant plot. I didn't dig the sequels of both movies,but the originals had a huge impact on me.

This one is tough.

Giving it to The Matrix

They both hold up well. As much as I love The Matrix, Jurassic Park is a movie I watched over and over as a kid. I'm going with my heart and taking Jurassic Park, even though I'd take The Matrix over almost any other movie.

I just watched both today. JP for the first time on Blu-Ray and The Matrix for the first time ever. Both are great films, but JP is my preference.

Wow, the matrix is the clear winner

Both nearly flawless movies... Jurassic Park, 9.475 - fueled my love of movies. The Matrix, 9.875 - fueled my imagination. I feel so happy and lucky to have seen these two titans of cinema, the Matrix edges out the win, for me.

I like both but I prefer Jurassic Park.

Tough matchup. Two of my favorites. Siding with The Matrix for the moment, but that might change.

Wow, Jurassic Park is the clear winner.

Wow, Jurassic Park is the clear winner.

I haven't see Matrix since 2013 December and it still pretty memorable, but Jurassic Park will always wins.

Jurassic Park is watchable much considering modern way than The Matrix.

I prefer the Matrix

Jurassic Park for now, Matrix is mediocre and overrated.

Jurassic Park holds up way better. In terms of story and effects!

Jurassic Park>The Matrix

Jurassic Park.

Jurassic Park is better

JP is better crafted perhaps but I always found Matrix much cooler.

The Matrix is far better. Jurassic Park is a classic but I don't enjoy as much as some others. The Matrix is a film I absolutely love everything about. Even the stuff that people complain about, I just think it's all brilliant

Jurassic Park on this one. Matrix is a great film though.

Vice versa for me. Jurassic Park is excellent but The Matrix is an all-time great