The Matrix vs. The Prestige



The Prestige wins pretty easily.

I'm a huge Nolan fan. Just check out my top 10. Any director that has 2 movies in my top 10 is automatically a favorite of mine. Nolan fandom aside, The Matrix simply beats The Prestige.

Matrix easily


Easy win for The Matrix.

Two of my favorites but The Matrix pulls through as the champion.

prestige is so much fun and is directed very well with a solid unique story but Matrix is a masterpiece and a genre definer so many elements blended into a kick ass ultimate smart thrill ride! Matrix no question!

The Matrix all the way...

The prestige gets the easy win here.The matrix has a crap acting by Keanu Reaves but on the other hand The prestige has both Hugh Jackman and Christan Bale's epic performance.The prestige for the victory

The Matrix is pretty great, but I was much more invested in The Prestige.

Prestige wins for sure.

In different ways both films inspired my search for a higher purpose in life.

The Prestige easily wins this..

The Matrix seems to get worse and worse. Now it’s dated, simplified and all the shock is gone. The Prestige only gets better and more complex with every viewing!

Two of the greatest movies ever made. The Matrix wins