The Matrix vs. Terminator 2: Judgment Day



Jesus, 2 of the greatest action movies of all time. There was a time where I watched one of these two movies every day... T2 by a hair. Tiebreaker was that I think T2 did more for special effects than The Matrix, and was fairly philosophical without throwing it in your face. Like picking between children, though.

Both of these films are action classics. Both changed the face of cinema. (I mean, come on: T2 started the CGI craze, and has any movie in the last ten years been ripped off more than The Matrix?) Both of these films are happily in my Top 20...but I have no problem choosing T2. James Cameron is a frikkin' genius. Can't wait for Avatar!

Damn! What a match! Two of my favourite Sci-fi action films! Terminator 2 was of those kickass movies that I can never get bored watching. But Matrix was a perfect blend of almost everything: sci fi, action, martial arts, thought provoking philosophy, special effects and anime influence.....they mash all that up in a cool stylistic way. The sequel weren't as good though :-P

What to do? Both revolutionized special effects and the action/sci-fi genres... Arnold is cooler than Keanu, but The Matrix has more depth. Toughie.

The two best sci-fi films of the 1990's... couldn't imagine a close match than this one. I'll go with... Terminator 2.

Terminator 2 gets on my nerves, particularly because of Edward Furlong. I'd rather watch The Matrix any day.

Real tough but I am going with James Cameron!

After seeing T2 again, I'm rethinking this. Will make up my mind for sure when I see The Matrix again...

The Matrix is a great film but it can't beat Terminator 2 that movie was pure awesome.

Even having watched it years after its release, I was in awe of The Matrix upon first seeing it. Terminator 2: Judgment Day, on the other hand, left me thoroughly entertained, but not blown away. So, The Matrix it is.

You know, I still can't believe how well the effects--Stan Winston-created and CGI--still hold up in T2. That movie is so well-made, at least from a technical standpoint.


The Matrix just squeaks ahead of a great contender.

Finally a match-up worth arguing about. I would defend each of these films over most Sci-Fi dreck out there as films with tight writing, grown up themes, and kick-ass effects to boot. They are cool and substantial which is a rare commodity, especially in this genre. Ultimately, the character of Sara Conner pushes T2 over the top. Her insane drive to overcome the odds and beat time, space and predestiny to save her son (and the world) is so well done that the lest affecting Keanu is left behind by a hair at the finish line. A++ wins over A+. Point for T2

The Matrix is a truly great film but for sheer entertainment value I don't think it can beat Terminator 2

Terminator 2. Enough said.

Gotta go with "The Matrix." Keanu < Schwarzenegger, but I'm with whoever said above that Edward Furlong's character is just really obnoxious in "T2." Take him out and this is a much harder choice for me.

LOL.Even Arnold is better at acting than Keanu.Both fantastic films though.

Both films are examples of intelligent sci-fi done well. However, the new world and rules of the universe presented in The Matrix make it a better film.

This is a tough choice both are great action films, but Terminator 2 had a bigger impact on me altogether. I don't feel like the argument about The Matrix's originality holds much weight. The Matrix borrowed as much as it created. T2 ended an era in action film making and defined a genre. I choose Terminator 2.

The Matrix. It is more revolutionary, entertaining and it kept you going the whole time. Terminator 2 dragged on in some parts, The Matrix didn't have this problem.

Cameron gave us an epic sci-fi thriller with stunning visuals in Judgment Day. T2 was the best action movie of the 90's. If we're talking about SFX, well then T2 blows The Matrix out of the water. I also found the whole humans vs machines angle less ridiculous in T2 than The Matrix. Like someone already said, even Arnold is better at acting than Keanu lol. T-1000 was a more intimidating and dangerous villain than Agent Smith. Robert Patrick owned his role. Needless to say, T2 has aged far better than The Matrix and will always remain an influential sci-fi classic. It's the second best action movie ever made (first being The Dark Knight).

T2 beats Matrix by a landslide

I definitely understand why someone would prefer Terminator 2: Judgment Day in this matchup but, to me, The Matrix was a bit more innovative and thematically profound. It's certainly close, though.

Two of the greatest Sci-Fi classics of all time. Whilst Matrix had badasses, Hugo Weaving as Smith and Lawrence Fishburne as Morpheus, T2 had Arnie as our beloved T-101! I pick T2!

Two of the greatest sci-fi films of all time. I choose T2.

T2 is much better.

terminator 2 judgement day is better

Ugh, now I think Matrix is slightly better.

T2 but it’s pretty close.

Terminator 2 is too badass to lose here. The Matrix is a great film, but I just prefer Judgement Day.

T2 wins by a wide margin.

i gotta go with the matrix, the matrix is just that innovative

Tough matchup. T2 for now.

Terminator 2....

I love both with all my heart, but T2 has lost some of its appeal over time. Whereas both used to be in my top 20, I feel that T2 has been overplayed almost to the point of losing its iconic status (though I stress ALMOST). It is still James Cameron's best film without a shadow of doubt, and it deserves every bit of praise that it gets, but it's starting to lose some of its replay value, and doesn't indulge in its themes as much as The Matrix does. While this isn't necessarily a bad thing (after all, it's essentially a chase film with some exemplary action and pioneering special effects, it doesn't need to be deep), The Matrix is a perfect example of a film which can entertain you whilst stimulating your grey matter in equal measure, which is much rarer in this day and age than an apocalyptic robot chase film (obviously T2 had more going for it than that; the meaning of humanity, men possessing the tools of their own destruction etc, but hopefully you understand what I mean). Both are technically outstanding, and stand out as products of their own time periods. At the end of the day, while I would happily watch either again, The Matrix will always be just a little bit more special in my eyes, and that's good enough for a win here.

The Matrix is better.

The early and late 90s! What a decade! What a time! Forever I will mourn thee.

Matrix is a tad better

James Cameron, man...that guy knew exactly what people wanted to see in an action movie, and he delivered in spades.

both great movies that ended up having not so good sequels but my pick is T2 Judgment Day

Definitely the two most impressive (and best) sci-fi movies of the 90's. T2 is the movie I've watched the most in my life and it never gets old. I give the clear (not big though, by any means) edge to T2.

im gonna have to go with the matrix. Its special effects combined with a great plot and music make for a sci-fi masterpiece. Although T2 is still my second favorite action film ever. Really tough choice.

Matrix is better action

Coin flip. It's T2.

Both are superb movies but I feel like I could watch T2 more


The matrix is awesome, but T2 wins this.


T2 by a hair. A thin, microscopic hair.

Two greats. T2 is my 3rd favorite movie. Matrix is not 1 or 2 so it looses.

Skynet and the Matrix fight, but Skynet's army of Terminators is too much for the Matrix. Terminator 2 wins.

Judgement day is better action movie and Arnold is cooler than keanu :-)

T2 by a year-light. Really like Matrix though.

The Matrix is an incredible movie, but T2 definitely wins for me.

The Matrix for me.

anyone who says t2 is better is wrong its matrix

sure thing josh


Terminator 2 is one of the best actions movies of all time...The Matrix is the best Action Movie!

matrix just

have them almost exactly the same as the global rank and vote win percentage. crazy

T2 edges out Matrix...

The Matrix is left me saying “meh”, T2 is a movie I’ve watched at least 100 times and I’m always left wanting to rewatch it as soon as it finishes!

T2 hammers the matrix in every way.


T2 stomps. I like Matrix but it's not even a big contest tbh.


Imo the two best sci-fi action movies of the 90s. Both movies are so iconic and had a big impact on movies in the future. Both movies hold up well today too. I can definitely rewatch these two movies too. I'll pick Terminator 2 in a close match-up.

Two of the best action and sci-fi movies of the 90s; I enjoy both highly. The Matrix was innovative in how it used multiple genre tropes from wire-fu to using the body plugs from Ghost in the Shell to maximum effect. But I can't help admire how T2 builds upon the original Terminator in emotional, action-packed, and character-driven ways.