The Matrix vs. Kill Bill Vol. 2



This is a tough choice, the matrix is definitely the best of the trilogy, and volume 2 is better than volume 1 of Kill bill. I felt that the matrix was revolutionary at the time it came out but after seeing other movies like dark city and gilliams' brazil that predated the matrix, I don't think it can reasonably claim this. With that out of the way, I think have to choose kill bill

This isn't at all close, for me. I really didn't like either of the Kill Bill movies.

This might be a challenge if it was vol 1 but vol 2 ill have to go with Matrix

Matrix...winner due to KUNG FU awesomeness...

Kill Bill Vol. 2 runs circles around The Matrix.

Difficult matchup, I'll choose Matrix.

This is different neo could actally more defender of Kung Fu, kill bill is just of all fighting sword, Matrix wins

Kill Bill Vol. 2 wins for me.

The Matrix is the winner here.

Going with Tarantino over the Wachowskis.

why cant we be friends

why cant we friends

KILL BILL VOLUME 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Volume 2 but it is close

KB Vol. 2.

Both are in my top 20 but Kill Bill Vol 2 is slightly higher. Also, Beatrix > Neo.

Matrix is waaaay better