The Matrix vs. Videodrome



So Videodrome is about not being able to tell reality from TV and The Matrix is about not being able to discern a computer simulation from reality. Videodrome's sort of quaint compared to the Matrix, as far as the technological side goes. I suppose if Videodrome was updated to be about the internet, or something like that, maybe it be more effective. I mean, you can find all the stuff James Woods wanted to show on his TV station on the internet. And more, probably. I don't think we're living in a simulation yet, though, such as the one depicted in The Matrix. Videodrome is about leaving our bodies for an higher level of awareness through technology, it seems. I don't know. The Matrix has cooler gunfights.

Videodrome was awesome. It gets a little messy and confusing near the end, but overall I thought it was fantastic.

Yes, the the big flaw of Videodrome is they had to give it a "movie-like" climax, but everything prior hinted at things way too big to reduce to a protagonist tangibly overcoming a villain. So it turns out that the guy's pirate friend is... bad... for... some... arbitrary reason. Then there's some old guy he has to kill at some random location because we're getting impatient and need a gore "beat". Meh. But yes, it's very prescient. The fact it was about TV doesn't even matter, it basically was about the internet.

Two movies that question our reality. Both protagonists morality is definitely questionable: one is a computer hacker and the other is a sleazy cable TV programmer; The Matrix gets my vote, it just tackled a mind bender on a more epic scale, along with some groundbreaking FX.

Videodrome has it's fans...but I wasn't too impressed. Going with The Matrix...