Superman III vs. Superman Returns



Despite Superman Returns' many flaws, it still beats that Richard Pryor movie. Or Superman III, if that's what you call it.

I don't enjoyed them. But Superman Returns is the better one

My favourite part was when Richard Prior fell off of a skyscraper for no reason.

Unlike most people, these are actually two of my favorite Superman movies. I'm picking III here because it's fun. It has all the goofiness of a Silver Age comic book and Superman fights a giant computer at the end.

Probably the least favorites of the Superman films. Superman Returns wins for the better direction and more somber plot. I don't remember digging the humor from III all that much.

Grrr, a pox on the house of Richard Lester. Superman III is truly awful. Superman Returns wins easily simply by not being terrible.

I'm gonna pick Superman III. My two least favorite Superman films, both absolutely awful IMO. But Christopher Reeve is unforgettable and Brandon Routh is well.....FORGETTABLE

superman 3

I don't care for either, but at least Superman III had Christopher Reeve.

Well they both suck but that stupid kryptonite island from Superman Returns gives Superman III the slight edge for me.