Superman III vs. Spider-Man 3



battle of the very very awful third films!

Two prime examples of bad comic book trilogies and just flat out bad films in and of themselves. At least Superman 3 doesn't insult the audience into believing that Richard Pryor's comedy is actually good and makes him seem like a pathetic loser. Raimi's attempts at humor are atrocious and WOULD have brought Sp3 to a screeching halt, but that would require that film to have any momentum to begin with. Sp3 isn't just stuck in neutral, it's slammed straight into reverse, crashing helplessly into its characters and dragging their bloodied carcasses off a cliff.

Superman III makes Spider-Man 3 look like Casablanca.

I actually really like Spider-Man 3, and it wins here for me.

Ohoho yeah, Spider-Man 3 is much better, even for the simple fact that it at least entertaining. Plus, it was *actually* funny...unlike Superman III, which tried way too hard but failed miserably.

The key problem for me here is that Reeve as Superman still works, but I never liked McGuire as Spider-Man, he was way too old to be playing a high school student to begin with, and the problem is magnified here by about five years more. Add to that supporting characters that feel inauthentic (as opposed to Annette O'Toole and Richard Pryor, poorly used, but still there) and too many villains, Spider-Man 3 is not something I'd want to watch again.

Spider-Man 3 easily, while it's bad at least it isn't pure garbage

Spider-Man 3 has genuine great moments. Enough of them? Probably not. Whereas, there is NOTHING good about Supes III. Not one thing.

well i personally think the evil superman thing was kinda good but that's it

Spider-Man 3 is really bad, but Superman III is on a whole new level of bad