Back to the Future Part II vs. Back to the Future



The ULTIMATE showdown? WIll we choose the Future, or the past? Shit, I'm going with Part II - simply because it's the BEST sequel I've EVER seen!

When I was younger, I actually preferred both Back to the Future sequels to the original. They still stand as a pair of the greatest sequels ever made, but now, I think I appreciate the original a lot more. It is the best of the three.

Part 2, no doubt about it.

I will always like the original. Pt II, while technologically brilliant, felt like a cheat.

Picked the original. Though I think the third might be my fave. I guess I'll have to watch them all again soon and see!

This is impossible

No question. The original is the best.

Part I sets the framework. Part II builds on it.

The original is the best, mainly because part II has that major flaw that makes it impossible. Once you figure out why the paradox in part II prevents Marty and Jennifer's kids from existing, you realise that all the special effects and stuff were kind of pointless. Part II is an awesome movie nevertheless, but Part I was better. Part I: 39 on my Flickchart vs. Part II: 41. So, that's about it...

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I have to go with the original; as much as we're talking about building and framework.. the original just had a far better feel to it and you didn't know what was coming next.

Part II is a very underrated movie, but doesn't come close to the original.

The first one was one of the most fun experiences I have ever had in a theater. It's extremely high on my chart. I recently re-watched Part II and not only is it far inferior to the original - it is a cheap, crappy, slapped-together feeling movie that tries way too hard to give audiences what they expected and liked in the original. It's like watching a "Back to the Future" cover band - and not a good one, either. The third film (filmed simultaneously) is better. It has more heart and distinguishes itself much more successfully from the original.


Please. The original is a timeless classic. Part two is dog shit.

Though the first is the better movie, the second is and always has been my favorite of the trilogy.

Looking back, I was a bit hasty in choosing the second over the first. Not having seen the films in a while will do that to you. I didn't see them again, mind you, but I read through the plot synopses on Wikipedia, giving myself a refresher, and stirring up old memories of the films, and the memories I had of the first film were more positive than the ones I had of the second film by a sizable margin. And how much a movie sticks out in my memory is one of the many indicators I use in my choices, thus giving Back to the Future the win.

Part 1 hands down.

now this is a battle. gotta go w/ the sequel here though...only cause i wishi had a sports betting book from the future

total toss-up. although between the flying delorian AND the hoverboard - i think i'd have to go #2 as well.

I absolutely love the sequel, and it has a lot more comedy filled scenes, but the first installment will always be my favorite!

Although I love both of these, the first one wins hands down. BTTF II has alot of cool toys (flying DeLorean, hoverboards, sports almanacs), and an entertaining plot. The original, though, is a complete, fulfilling story arc with more emotionally identifiable characters.

The original is the only one worth seeing at all. That this decision is causing any hesitation whatsoever in anyone is incomprehensible.

I like the one where they go back to November 1955... in all seriousness 1 is great piece of filmmaking... after watching it I always feel the need to follow up by watching 2 & 3

even though I think as a kid, i loved part 2 better... i mean it was about the future. looking back, 1 was probably a slightly better film. i agree though, if I see 1 i'm defintely gonna watch the entire series.

@butthorn and mce: I don't see the hate for the sequels. I really don't. Back to the Future is one of the greatest trilogies ever made. But it is indeed rare that a sequel can top its predecessor. It happens, and I can immediately name at least half a dozen off the top of my head, but this is not one of those cases. (Even if, as a kid, I thought it was.)

I still think Part II was the weakest of the three.

The Original,The sequel was a mess.


I preferred the original but the sequel was OK.

One of my favorite trilogies. Part II is my least favorite because the over the top view of the not-too-distant future really annoys me.

I love the vision of the future in #2, but the original wins, hands down. Plot, characters and action are just right to make the whole movie a timeless (pun intended) classic.

First off, no question: BEST. TRILOGY. EVER. When I was a kid, II was my favorite for...whatever reason. The older I get, the more I love the original...but rest assured, I LOVE THEM ALL.

Two great movies. But the original is better.

This match-up sucks. For me, these two movies are ONE movie together and I always watch 'em together.

Back to the Future for me. I enjoy the sequel but not as much as the original. But both would beat the third. I don't know what it is about the third, but it just annoys me, especially the ending with Mary Steenburgen.

Before I wouldve said Pt II because of how interesting it is. But im going with Back to the future. Pt 1 was more innovative and inventive.

Wow, is all i can say

Back to the Future Part 2, although a fun flick, borrows heavily from the first movie (the classic skateboard scene, now with hoverboards! Ad they re-use scenes from 1955) and was also basically a commercial for the more original and less flawed yet more boring and less interesting Part 3. BttF is just a classic. And if the sequel is doing something the original already did, you know the original must be good.

This is comical. I can't beleive ANYONE would pick Part II

Part II was fun but was a far cry from the original.

Awesome trilogy all in all. First one is best one!

Part II is still a worthy sequel and is almost as good as the first one. But I'm still choosing the first one.

Back to the Future Part II isn't a bad sequel, but it just doesn't have the magic of its predecessor.

Back to the future part 2 is the first one i saw and is my favourite

I agree with Reelz.

back to the future two was to dark at times for me.The first one balanced darker stuff and liter stuff better and the first one was funnier.

Part 2 used to be my favorite of this trilogy because it is cool to see Marty Mcfly travel to the future. But this is not one of those cases where the sequel is better than the original, Back to the Future is the best of one of the best trilogies of all time.

Wow what a showdown! This is a very difficult choice to make since BTTF was a great start for the series but I like BTTF 2 more because of the time travel aspect and how the story kept me entertained throughout the film. However, BTTF had a very great set of characters and memorable moments (Love that Johnny B Goode scene lol) and a great premise of introducing the Delorean and time travel as a whole. But, I'm gonna have to agree that BTTF is the greatest in the series but my ultimate favorite is BTTF 2 because it is just a fun movie to watch over and over again but all in all I think BTTF is the best in the series and BTTF 2 is my favorite in the series.

The first BTTF is a masterpiece, one of the tightest screenplays ever written with iconic characters. However, the reason that it works is that it has a great emotional core, in the romance between Marty's mom and dad. Part 2 has no emotion, it is just an hour and a half of people running around for reasons no one really cares about. The script is alright, I suppose, but I just didn't care through most of it.

First film for sure, but I really liked Part ii

I remember cinemagoers being severely non-plussed at the "To Be Continued" at the end of Part II

Easily the first

Back to the Future, the first one, wins easily, but part 2 is one of the best sequels of all time!

It's a paradox!

Probably the most discussed argument between two movies ever in history. Imma part II man.

Aucalty the first one was far far best and not even close

The first

Back To The Future because it came first and did not require a black board to explain the story as BTTF2 did

Finally watched part 2 (In 2015!), it's funny, but pretty disappointing. Original takes it.

I think BTTF2 is one the ultimate guidelines of how to make a sequel. It literally does what the first does but differently. It's got gags that make you laugh remembering the first that are funny in their own right. I think it's very hard to chose a favourite but I narrowly take the 2nd, simply because of the alterations in timeline making for a more interesting time-travel story than the 1st.

I will forever defend Part 2 but it doesn't come close to the magic and the excitement of the first!

Part 1 is amazing, but Part 2 is just a masterpiece. The story, the timelines, all the little gags are even better than in Part 1 which is pretty hard to achieve, but Part 2 managed to do exactly that.

Back to the future II

Must go with Part I here.

Some sequels are better but not this one!

The second movie is easily the worst of the series