Back to the Future Part II vs. Back to the Future Part III



Seriously, Flickchart?

WHAT? Oh noes... Um... OH COME ON! Ok, I'¡ll go for TWO, but I HATE you for forcing my hand, Flickchart!

Part III was always my favorite of the three when I was younger, but I've come to realize that Part I really is the best. Still, here...damn, I dunno. Part II has hoverboards and Jaws 13 in 3-D!

I'm still trying to figure out how Marty and Jennifer can exist simultaneously with their future selves in 2015, theoretically when they go forward in time with doc, they are erased from the future they are going to see.. So I have to say Part III wins for having more realistic impossible scenarios..

I was never a big fan of "II," but I think "III" goes on too long. I'm going with "II," but ask me in five minutes and I might give a different answer.

I'm the exact same as johnmason. III was my fave as a kid but now I is, but I still prefer III more than II.


"So I have to say Part III wins for having more realistic impossible scenarios.. " EXACTLY, slvs.

Yeah, one of the very few cases were movie #3 is better than movie #2.

II is way better than III

It really comes down too a simple question. Do you love westerns? For me i like them but not that much. So Part 2 for me.

2 is the best of the series. It has a lot of the first film in it plus it's still it's own great film. 2 is maybe the most fun you can ever have watching a film... FACT!

Tough. I'd give the edge to III because it has a little more heart to it- II is stimulating as a mental exercise, but III has a very sweet romance at its core.

@gnome113: In fact, I don't love Westerns. But I do love Part III.

damm! i think they preety equal. coin toss.

Back to the Future Part II has a lot more energy and originality than the third one. You can sense a little bit of fatigue in Part III.

Interesting versus. BttF 2 is flawed, but also very entertaining. BttF 3 is more of the opposite: less flawed, but also the least entertaining of the 3 and also the least interesting. A shame, because it has more originality than BttF, which recycled a lot from the first (and best). I gotta go with BttF 2, simply for the entertainment.

it has more originality than BttF 2*

Great Scott! This is heavy.

For me, Back to the Future Part II was too dark and its plot too convoluted. I always appreciated Back to the Future Part III more because it had a much greater sense of adventure to it (its setting had a lot to do with that).

Both are great , but Part II has the slight edge here.

Seriously, Flickchart?

Back to the Future Part 2 is by far the Worst Film of the Back to the Future Series. So Back to the Future Part 3 wins over Part 2 so far.

Part II. Landslide. They're all good.

Part 3 ain't half bad. In fact, it's actually a pretty great end to a fantastic trilogy. Mad Dog Tannen doesn't beat 'slightly unstable Biff grandson' or 'slightly unstable Biff grandfather' though, but it's sorta-kinda close.

Love em all, but they get progressively worse.

Future III is better than II just because of the western effect

Back to the Future Part 3 is easily the Weakest of the Back to the Future Series. So, I Will have to go with Back to the Future Part 2 this time because it is more entertaining than Part 3.

Again, I Have changed my mind that Back to the Future Part 2 is the worst of the series. So, Back to the Future Part 3 wins again.

Part 3 over Part 2??/ Very tough one actually, superb question asked...

Part 2 is the best of the three series :P

I thought the 2nd BTTF was clearly the worst of the series. I'll go part II...

Damn it...I meant III...

Part III was just way more fun.

Part II for sure. Think it's a pretty much perfect sequel. Part III is good, but I think it's definitely a step down from one and two.

I'm gonna go with the second one, but I love all three.

3 by far.

Part II was better I reckon. I liked how they jumped from the 1985 to 2015 to alternate 1985 to 1955. It was just an awesome ride with plenty of suspense and humour. Part III was good also, as a western comedy, but Part II had more going for it.

I like part 2 a lot, I don't even think I like part 3 at all.

You know, just a random thought: Since I previously commented on this, I have seen Buster Keaton's The General, and it's helped me gain even more of an appreciation for Part III. What an amazing action set piece on that train.

Star Wars and Back to the Future changed trilogies and eventually franchises forever. Empire made you have to see Jedi. Back to the Future II and III were filmed at the same time because they were so interconnected. Fast forward to Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings and contractual obligations to actors to stay on for entire franchises. In this debate, II is slightly better than III. I know III is cheesy and sappy at the end, but what else was suppose to happen. Love Back to the Future.

Part 2

These two movies are so close, but I guess I'll have to say 2.

Part 2 is my favourite out of the trilogy!

Part II is all call-back & set-up. Part III could stand on its own.

Part III is an average film. Back to the Future II>Back to the Future III

part 2 !

I have sentimentality towards Part III

Part 3 since I love its homage to westerns and Clint Eastwood.

Part III is a lot better, just not a big fan of Part II.

neither of them even had the height of being like the first film but I'm not saying that these were bad films it's just because they didn't have the same charm that the first original had because the two really have some bad moments which finds the worst moments of the Saga has toexample that you were the moment when Marty Enters the house and angers some black family This just seemed too much to treat black people badly and then the father wanted to stop Marti but he only destroys his daughter's house and then the other bad moment when doc says goodbyethe last time Clara and when she even slaps them these two moments were the worst moments of the Trilogy the two sequels will not be my favorite films like the original