Back to the Future Part II vs. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade



on 7/6/2009

Wow, this is one of the toughest I have come across so far. Both are very high on my list!

on 11/18/2009

HOW CAN YOU DECIDE BETWEEN THESE! so hard. I'm going with Indy... but if it had been any other back to the future film... it might have been a diferent story!

on 3/25/2010

oh boy...uh.... both are definitely influential on me.... maybe just last crusade cause it's the best indy movie for me. part II is pretty great, though. it actually introduced me to the man with no name, decades before i knew who that was. ah...hell. indy.

on 7/24/2010

I never really cared a whole lot for either of these, really. Yes, the by-play between Connery and Ford is solid but "Last Crusade" is largely just a re-dress of "Raiders." BTTF2 never did much for me, but I think it gets the nod.

on 9/27/2013

Holy crap! My fourth favourite movie vs. my third favourite movie.

on 9/27/2013

Indy 3 > Back to the Future 2

on 9/28/2013

Connery, Ford, Speilberg and Williams are just too damn good

on 9/28/2013

Easy when for The Last Crusade...

on 11/30/2014

Any Indy beats Part II

on 11/10/2016

Love the Future part in BTTF2 but Last Crusade is action packed and funny the better film for me!