Iron Man 2 vs. Black Panther



In terms of pure entertainment, Black Panther is on the EXACT same level as Iron Man 2. Like IM2, Black Panther features very weak action and a “universe building” narrative held together by interesting characters and dialogue. The fight scenes are atrociously shot and almost inept. They are choppy and disjointed and in the larger scenes very cartoonish. Since I like Tony Stark better than T'Challa IM2 actually gets the nod here...


Eh, Black Panther was very well crafted stand alone superhero film in a larger universe. Iron Man 2 was a rushed Avengers prequel, which shied away from using the source material's darker plot line in favor of awkward slapstick.

Black Panther had a focused story, beautiful scenery, an amazing villain, awesome supporting characters (Shuri, Okoye and M'Baku), very unique and fitting music, and had an actual message behind it. Sure, not every movie needs a "positive message" behind it, but it's always nice to have something other than just "fun" after walking out of a movie theatre. It didn't feel like a waste of time or a marvel cash grab (it kinda is but at least I got something out of it). It was my favorite marvel film since Logan, a top tier MCU film. Iron Man 2 wasn't as bad as most remembered it but it is nowhere close to Black Panther. Black Panther wasn't perfect but hey The Dark Knight had sh*tty fight scenes, doesn't change the fact that it's still a masterpiece.

Black Panther is a movie more worried about promoting a certain social agenda then they were interested in entertaining EVERY person no matter their race. Cool character but very overrated movie. VERY "MEH" sad to say. Iron Man 2 is actually better.

Iron Man 2 is fun, but Black Panther has better substance and world-building

Let's not pretend there's a universe where Iron Man 2 is the better movie.

Iron Man 2 is indeed the better movie because it didn't need political pandering to be relevant and the characters themselves are more complex and more relatable. Agree that this is a battle of the lower end MCU movies, however.

I have not even seen Black Panther, yet I just know by instinct that it can't be worse than Iron Man 2.

^Don't worry, it isn’t.

Iron Man 2 is probably the weakest of all the Marvel films, Black Panther was fresh and entertaining.

Iron Man 2 had better dialogue and fleshed out characters. Agree that it was the weakest MCU film in all other categories at least until Black Panther. While good at times, Black Panther is weak sauce in a lot of ways as well.

I almost feel like I need to see Iron Man 2 again. But right now, this isn't too close; for me, it's kind of the worst MCU film vs. the worst MCU film that's still really good.

Black Panther....easily....

I'll go with Iron Man 2. Black Panther was ok, but I didn't get all the hype for it. Yes it had a couple good villains, but beyond that I found the story to be boring.

Iron Man 2 is still fun but the weakest MCU film IMO, Black Widow is the best thing to get out of that movie. Black Panther wins this one.

Black Panther by far.

Just watched Iron Man 2 last night. I enjoyed the War Machine and Widow side plot. That's about it. Black Panther is much better.

both are mediocre but black panther wins just by a tiny lil bit

Black Panther was amazingness.

Iron man 2 is just not very good and black panther is fantastic.

hahahahahhaahahha iron man 2 is bad, black panther is way better

Black Panther by a hair, both are weak entires in the MCU

iron man 2 is ok, black panther is best of 2018

Iron Man for sure. I take back what I stated earlier. Black Panther is NOT on the EXACT same level as Iron Man 2. Over time, IM2 has gained in terms of story and heart. Something Black Panther is and will always be lacking.

Despite its quality goes down with each installment, the iron man trilogy surprisingly does not have a bad movie